Playoffs Intrigue

Wow the playoffs have been very entertaining on a sports fan standpoint. It was worth waiting for the lockout-shortened regular season to end. It seems that almost every series this round is being extended beyond 4-0 sweep or even 4-1 tramplings. The Celtics-Sixers are 2-2. The Lakers are down 1-2 to the Thunder but still alive. And the Heat are surprisingly trailing the Pacers 1-2.

Well, except the Clippers who are being manhandled by the fantastic play of the Spurs. I am changing my pick to Blake Griffin.

I was not scheduled to pick Griffin until Game 4, but Miami's situation had me scrambling for Heat picks. Getting on with Griffin allows me to pick a Heat on the next date and then move the Gasol pick to the succeeding date.

Now if only I can figure out if Wade comes back swinging after the long rest, or still get bothered by the injuries and all the drama. Spotlight is indeed on the Miami Heat.


Not bad.

You Forced My Hand

Yeah Lakers, you did. You forced my hand. You did it last round to push me to pick Kobe Bryant in Game 7. And now down 2-0, you are forcing me to do the same thing with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. It's not even about panicking. Here you go, two straight Lakers picks set..

I don't usually blog about two straight picks on one series in one entry, but that just shows how too disgusted I am with the Lakers right now. No, I believe they will not be swept. But that's just how it is with DTTF. Bynum and Gasol are better picks than any 76er or Clipper I have left available. Both players will play well at home (it's just a question of who you pick first), maybe win 1 game, but I think this season will end for the Lakers as sour as it did last year.

If you believe the Lakers can still even the series out 2-2, then I dare you not to pick any Laker yet. But don't tell me later I didn't warn you :)

When To Push The Panic Button, Part Two

Last blog entry's scenario is also the same with the Heat-Pacers series. That one is tied 1-1 and that standing can't be a trigger for a Heat pick, yet. Even with the loss of Chris Bosh to injury (stomach), and even if the series now go to Indiana for the next two games, the Heat are still the favorite to win.

And so, my pick is still a Pacer, Danny Granger.

Granger is the face of this team. He's not the type of best player you see from other teams. Not a celebrity. Not hyped. Not talked about outside of Indiana. But if you watch him play, you see an aura saying, "I will will this game to a win!" Don't you hold your breath and half-expecting a goal when the ball ends up in Granger's hands at the waning seconds of a game? Granted he has not yet played as well as we think he can, but since the series is moving to Indiana where he can turn his game around, I think this is the right time for me to pick him for DTTF. Okay Granger, give me that 25+ PRA. Please.

As for the Celtics-76ers series, the Celtics just won Game 3 and are up 2-1. That definitely removes our hands away from that panic button. On we go with continuing to pick a 76er.