You Forced My Hand

Yeah Lakers, you did. You forced my hand. You did it last round to push me to pick Kobe Bryant in Game 7. And now down 2-0, you are forcing me to do the same thing with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. It's not even about panicking. Here you go, two straight Lakers picks set..

I don't usually blog about two straight picks on one series in one entry, but that just shows how too disgusted I am with the Lakers right now. No, I believe they will not be swept. But that's just how it is with DTTF. Bynum and Gasol are better picks than any 76er or Clipper I have left available. Both players will play well at home (it's just a question of who you pick first), maybe win 1 game, but I think this season will end for the Lakers as sour as it did last year.

If you believe the Lakers can still even the series out 2-2, then I dare you not to pick any Laker yet. But don't tell me later I didn't warn you :)


  1. Hoping the great and definitive performance of Mr. KOBE...

  2. The one thing I wanted Kobe to do is assert himself in this series. In the Denver series, he had to carry the team alone in his back, until he woke up Bynum and Gasol to do better in game 7. Since then and in this Thunder series, they've been pounding the ball inside to Bynum and Gasol, thus we are looking at a distributor Kobe. Either they are not going inside enough, or the strategy is not working. Kobe, you have to be Kobe and help quark here.

  3. And help me as well. I didn´t have the best of luck with my last picks with the exception of West. I still have Kobe and have to pick him in game 3. Once upon a time that would have been a guaranteed 40+ by Bryant. These days, I´m not so sure. Let´s hope he remembers who he is and that he plays at Staples.

    If the Lakers lose, then Gasol. If they win, then Mr. Elbow.

  4. 2-0 down and playing home... It's time for Kobe to say HERE I AM!!!! and score a 50+ PRA...

    If Lakers lose, Gasol; if they win Griffin (LAC).

  5. Yeah we all miss the 40 PRA Kobe. Coack Brown's system is designed to have Kobe as the traditional SG instead of facilitator. I think no one has won the championship on the first year of a new coach system.

  6. Now that was what I was talking about. Not only did Bryant do great with his 49 PRA, also the other players that I picked recently did well. Sessions did was I was hoping he would do in game 1 when I got his 5 and dropped a 18, Iguodala produced a 27 I think, better than the 16 I got. Had they gotten that when I picked them, I would sit fine. But thanks to Kobe I´m back to 80 percentile at least.

    For tonight I stick to the plan and pick Gasol, would be happy if he plays like he did last game.

    For tomorrow it has to be Wade, after his worst game ever in the playoffs. In an ideal world, D-Wade does everything and the Pacers win in triple overtime despite 48 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists by Wade :)
    Or something like that.

  7. Alex, you never know if your picks will produce the best on the day you pick them... If I took Hibbert and West in inverse order, I will get 20 more; and Louis Williams scored 27 today in front of my 17 last day...
    Anyway, I agree with you: today is the day for Wade... but I cannot pick him... Why?? Because 76ers even their serie and next games are the same day as Lakers play... If I want to bet on a Celt (minimum) I have to go with Gasol today and pick Griffin tomorrow... Oh, no... I won't pick a Heat. I'm rather confident they will win and games 4 and 5 can be the only games on that day...

  8. Yep Alex and quark, I thought Kobe's performance perked you two a lot. That was a really nice pick!

    Now the loss of Miami and extension of Lakers series has me thinking now.

    Reviewing picks..


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