When To Push The Panic Button, Part Two

Last blog entry's scenario is also the same with the Heat-Pacers series. That one is tied 1-1 and that standing can't be a trigger for a Heat pick, yet. Even with the loss of Chris Bosh to injury (stomach), and even if the series now go to Indiana for the next two games, the Heat are still the favorite to win.

And so, my pick is still a Pacer, Danny Granger.

Granger is the face of this team. He's not the type of best player you see from other teams. Not a celebrity. Not hyped. Not talked about outside of Indiana. But if you watch him play, you see an aura saying, "I will will this game to a win!" Don't you hold your breath and half-expecting a goal when the ball ends up in Granger's hands at the waning seconds of a game? Granted he has not yet played as well as we think he can, but since the series is moving to Indiana where he can turn his game around, I think this is the right time for me to pick him for DTTF. Okay Granger, give me that 25+ PRA. Please.

As for the Celtics-76ers series, the Celtics just won Game 3 and are up 2-1. That definitely removes our hands away from that panic button. On we go with continuing to pick a 76er.


  1. Having the same strategy, I'm going with WEST.

  2. Hope West gives you what he gave to Alex and me earlier. G'luck!

  3. I'm going with Griffin, i'm hopping a 25+ PRA. I really don't know who is going to win the series between Heat and Pacers, so i'm going to wait 1 more match to start picking a player from this series.

  4. Miami got better be winning. Or else my picks will be screwed.

  5. And then Miami was trampled by Hibbert. Ugh!


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