Why Not Him

In May 6, 2008, LeBron James made only 2 of 18 shots. On the very next game on May 8 he forced it on himself and took more shots, but still made only 6 of 24.

In May 17, 2012, Dwyane Wade made only 2 of 13 shots. On the very next game, will he force it unto himself just to make a statement? Will LeBron help his buddy bounce back by forcing the ball to Wade? Both should know that nothing is good to come out if they both force it to Wade.

And that is why I am not picking Wade amidst the ongoing struggles. My pick goes to the safer and no-frills pick, LeBron James. He will not let this slip away into a 1-3 hole that the Heat can't recover from.

By the way, if you still have Blake Griffin available, he is a better pick than any Heat (safer than Wade, and you can pick LeBron on an elimination game). The Clippers are down 0-4; don't think the Spurs would not like the early rest for those old legs in preparation for the Thunder. Look for a sweep!


The guy went bazooka!


  1. I picked Gasol (Grrrrrr!!!) yesteday to bet on Griffin today. I expect (and hope!!) a performance like last night...

  2. No choice but to stay the chosen course, quark. Let the Griffin soar!!!

  3. REBOUND....632

  4. Not quite, comrades, I have a whopping 596! Ha!

    I can tell that I am going to soar tonight. So far after the first quarter of the Heat game: James 9 pts, 3 ass, 4 reb - Wade - pts, - ass, 1 reb
    It doesn´t quite work like I hoped, to say the least. This week that already gave me a 12 (Griffin), a 5 (Sessions), a 16 (Iguodala) and a 17 (Gasol) is obviously not quite over yet. Tell me it is impossible for Wade to be that bad two games in a row.

    By the way, it took no more than 24 hours for me to be not-so-happy with the 49 by Bryant. Not because he got a 51 the next day, these 2 points are not that big, but because Gasol had a 28 yesterday and a 17 today. Arrgh! Typical game, everyone has a good night except for the one lone player that I picked. So who to pick for the Lakers final game? I have no doubt they will go out in the next game and it will probably a blowout like all the games in the last years when they get eliminated. Is Elbowman a worthy pick? Blake? Olowokandi? Wait, scratch that last one, I picked him already.

  5. Okay. Wade did okay and netted me a 45. That means I only lost 22 to James who went absolutely crazy (40-18-9... WTF?). The only good news is that I have James for the next round. I don´t think the Pacers can pull this around again.

  6. I was wrong, Wade forced it and got good results. But glad I took LeBron, 67 PRA; it was worth the pick even if they win the series. Got Wade and Bosh past this round.

    Now back to the Pacer pick..

  7. Congrats to the James pick. Much like the Pierce pick in the first round, that is a good one. I am not unhappy with what Wade did, 45 is very good, by far his best and I doubt he will go that high again, not as long as James is playing, that means not until the finals.
    I´m just not happy that two people were able to beat the Pacers. That should not be possible. How can you win 2 against 5? It boggles the mind.

  8. Some other Heat players like Haslem played more than the usual expectation. It is unlikely to happen again


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