Defensive Player Of The Year: Tyson Chandler

Gratz to the best center the Mavs ever had! Tyson Chandler, good on you!


You may say that the absence of that center is why the Mavs are down 0-2. Maybe yes, maybe no. We will never know. The one thing I'm sure of is -- if the Mavs got Tyson and the guys back on the amount and contract they want, the Mavs will be entering non-profitability once the new luxury tax kicks in, and will lose these same guys the following years anyway. If that happens, Dallas will be in rebuilding mode after Dirk retires. I don't want to be a Dallas fan anymore on those years. I rather have the big fish who can carry the team during and after Dirk. For this decade, I'd rather have 1 championship, 1 1st-round exit, and 7 deep playoff runs; than 1 championship, 2 deep playoff runs, 2 no-playoffs, and 4 1st-round exits. You know Cuban doesn't want the latter. And we don't own the Dallas Mavericks :P

Down 0-2, sorry Dirk, I'm just putting the best player onwards. This is purely a DTTF move. In real life, I am still trying to convince orobos (a KD fan) to agree on a bet of one burger meal; he doesn't want to jinx it LOL! And I want to sink my teeth on that burger!

Hey for all those who are still sandbagging Melo (e.g. Knicks fans hoping for a miracle). More than ever, Game 3 is the best time to pick him. No Lin yet (Game 4 according to rumors) and no Stoudemire (stu. pid.). You got your wish Melo; NY will be your house in Game 3. Just yours. Your teammates will rejoin you next season.


  1. Agree, cant go wrong with Nowitzki, im going with him.

    1. Hated picking him, but it is what it is.

      Forgot to mention that Terry plays a lot lot better at the AA. So for Dirk fans out there (why do I hear crickets?) Terry is your pick

  2. Okay, I officially hate this game now. DTTF is what I´m talking about.

    Well, not hate, but it´s frustrating me right now just about every day. I was happy with Holliday on Day 1 only for him to really go in his next game. I already whined about Paul (epic comeback by the clippers and not a very good PRA, next game he lost a got a 38). Carmelo on Day 3 was very good, but without Stop-a-fire, sorry, Stoudemire and still without Lin he might be even hotter in the next game. Who knows.

    While everybody and his buddy were picking Pierce (54 PRA, even if the Celtics advance to the Finals you probably never get something even close to that, I´m banking on a nifty 19 when I pick him) I was clever and went to the Nuggets. Not to Lawson after his terrible game 1 but to Gallinari. Nuff said.

    So how to rebound from that? Millsap in the blowout.

    Next up is Dirk of course. A deep run by the Mavs would be fun, but let´s face reality. So I fully expect a blowout win by the Mavs with Dirk playing about 23 minutes and 18 PRA, followed by PRA far above 30 like is his usual realm.

    Ah, the joys of this game.
    P.S.: Let´s go Mavs!

    1. Hang in there. It could have been much worse hehe. At least you got the bad luck out of the way already.

      LET'S GO MAVS!!!

  3. Dirk already picked... Time for Melo!!

  4. Melo didn't capitalize.
    Or Heat dumped 4 ppl at him?

  5. update! update!
    orobos agreed on a bet for game 3.
    if dallas wins, i get a kebab.
    if okc wins, he gets a kebab with extra cheese.

    the things i do for food :p


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