Kobe, Or Not To Be

That is the question!

Does it make sense to pick Kobe Bryant at a Game 7 fearing a loss, even though most of us think that the Lakers will win that game and advance to the next round???

I'd say, "Yes". And he does get my pick this game.

Btw, I was laughing inside as I monitor and look at how the Kobe pick jumped from 5% to 38% over a short period of time, as some of us predicted will happen. Watch that jump to 40%+ as the game nears, wait and see.

Case #1: Lakers lose Game 7 and the series
In picking Kobe, that is our hope that that move will be rewarded by seeing the Nuggets in the second round instead of the Lakers. Of course, "if" that ever happens. Will that make us all geniuses? Nope, but it will make us all dorks if we don't pick Kobe and they lose.

Case #2: Lakers win Game 7 and advances to the semifinal round
If that happens, then we are one short of a superstar to pick in the later rounds. Think about it as you are just taking that 40 PRA in advance. Just imagine in a future round or game, that you are supposed to pick Kobe, but you don't have him anymore... then you pick someone else who is a 20+ PRA guy, right? Now imagine, you don't pick Kobe today, but who are you picking... also a 20+ PRA Nugget anyway, right? Granted that a Kobe pick now will cause a chain of events: you pick a 20+ PRA guy in the semifinals, a 20 PRA guy in the conference finals, and a 15+ PRA guy in the finals. It just looks bad only if you think the Lakers will go the finals. Otherwise, it seems fine.

Good luck to all of us!


  1. Ha, tricky indeed. Will they or won´t they?
    Do I pick a Nugget (Lawson) or do I pick a Laker even though I think they will advance?

    If the Lakers win and I pick a Nugget, that would be great, except, of course, it will be a game like game 6 and I pick Lawson for a 12 PRA.
    If the Lakers lose and I pick a Nugget I will look like an idiot.
    If the Lakers win and I pick a Laker I will lose that player for the next round (I don´t think they would get by the Thunder anyway).
    If the Lakers lose and I pick a Laker I did the right thing.

    All said and done, I will pick a Laker. But not Kobe, I´ll go with Bynum. I really hope that Brainiac Bynum will finally back up his stupid crack about closeout games and I am afraid anyway that Kobe won´t shine as much as in the last two games with it being a game 7 at home and the return of that guy with the elbow.

    Funfact: Should the Nuggets win then that would make this the second season in a row where I would have missed out on Bryant. Didn´t pick him last season because I still believed the Lakers could accomplish something in the first three games and when I wanted to pick him for game 4 I was too late and the game was already underway. Good thing too cause he didn´t deliver, as is business as usual for Bryant in games he gets eliminated.

  2. Ah you Alex and quark are both going for Bynum. As Bon Jovi says, "Keep The Faith". Good luck though!

  3. Bad picks for me this week... I hope Bynum can arrange it...
    And I advance I picked Randolph for game 7 Clipps-Grizzlies. Why?? Well... Having picked Gay (MEM) and Paul (LAC), I have 4 consistent picks on this serie; one Clipp (Griffin) and 3 Grizzlies (Gasol-Conley-Randolph). If I take Griffin and Clippers win the serie, I'd get no picks next round... So, I have to pick a Grizzlie; and i think Randolph is getting his bests numbers...

  4. I'm pickin Paul. Wait let me get that blog entry in..


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