Welcome To The Conference Semifinals!

My next pick... Jrue Holiday.

Do you know why? Injuries are the reason why we pick the best player early. The playoffs are more physical and harm can easily come to them. The 1st round was proof of that. Save your star baller for the later games and you find him later limited with a strained muscle or two, if not totally out of the series.

Jrue has been playing well in the 1st round with 25+ PRA. All four 20+ PRA Sixers (Holiday, Iguodala, Turner, Hawes) are lined up for Games 2 to 5. Unless they come up 2-1, I am saving my remaining Celtics for the East Finals.

As for the OKC-LA series, no one is going to pick from there unless we see Game 1.


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    1. That is correct, Joshua. The Sixers are going down

  2. yeah, i took iggy because he looked good in game 1

    1. Iggy will always have the all-around game. That is why he rocks the fantasy sheets (good thing TOs are not counted). If only he can be more assertive with his shots.

  3. Not only do I pick by gut feeling more than by numbers, I also try to never change a pick after I commited it.
    My pick for tonight has a whopping 0% of picks, mine obviously isn´t enough to push it to 1%. Maybe I should change Ramon Sessions to somebody else?

    But seeing as I picked Jrue on day 1 (you know, back when Rose was healthy and Noah could walk without crutches a.k.a. ancient times) I will just pick the only Laker that Derek Fisher doesn´t know and hope on him being kind of an X-Factor. Or at least delivering more than the 12 I got from Griffin.

  4. Right, Taong. I picked Hawes because I already picked Jrue...

    Eeemmmm... Alex; the thing is the serie between Lakers and Thunder is impredictible... So, betting on it so soon is wasting a pick you could need later on... (the same thing could happend if you go with Durant/Westbrook).
    I think I'll wait for the serie goes 2-0 or 2-1 to start picking...

  5. Yeah, well, I picked Jrue and Bynum in the first round. I didn´t want to pick one of the big stars but a role player who just might do something if I´m lucky. And while Fisher may have taught the Thunder all he knows about most of the Lakers, Sessions might just be the X-Factor for one game, and I can save Bryant, Gasol, Elbow and maybe even Blake if the Lakers steal homecourt.

    I just hope Sessions is better than Griffin was.

  6. Ok... but I won't pick on this serie till I'm rather sure on who will getting on... I think it is more probable Celtics will win, so the obvious is picking a Philly... But Sessions could be a great surprise!! Good luck!!

  7. Hey Alex, good luck on Sessions. His PRA against OKC this year is 15 PRA, but he is putting 20+ PRA this playoffs. He stunk up the last Game 7 with 6 PRA, so I believe he will bounce back this game.

  8. No chance with Sessions... I hope he does't score his best PRA on game 2... Alex can get crazy...

  9. LA needs Session to contain Westbrook on defense, and make him work on offense.


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