Playoffs Intrigue

Wow the playoffs have been very entertaining on a sports fan standpoint. It was worth waiting for the lockout-shortened regular season to end. It seems that almost every series this round is being extended beyond 4-0 sweep or even 4-1 tramplings. The Celtics-Sixers are 2-2. The Lakers are down 1-2 to the Thunder but still alive. And the Heat are surprisingly trailing the Pacers 1-2.

Well, except the Clippers who are being manhandled by the fantastic play of the Spurs. I am changing my pick to Blake Griffin.

I was not scheduled to pick Griffin until Game 4, but Miami's situation had me scrambling for Heat picks. Getting on with Griffin allows me to pick a Heat on the next date and then move the Gasol pick to the succeeding date.

Now if only I can figure out if Wade comes back swinging after the long rest, or still get bothered by the injuries and all the drama. Spotlight is indeed on the Miami Heat.


Not bad.


  1. I undertand you are not considering picking a Celt...
    I've change my strategy too... I want to pick Griffin today and Lebron tomorrow... but I betted on Gasol today and I'll go with Griffin tomorrow. So, I can pick a Celt in game5.
    It is possible there'll only one game on tuesday 22, and then i'll considere picking Lebron.

  2. I got Granger for tomorrow, if the Heat win tomorrow, the series is right back in their hands. I dont want to go into the conf. finals/Finals with only 1 Heat player.

  3. What I want from life right now is a Thunder win despite a big game of Gasol followed by a Pacers win despite a big game by Wade.

    What I get might greatly differ from that.

  4. quark, I believe Celtics will win series. Game 4 was an aberration.

    Rebound, I am sacrificing the East Conf Finals in favor of now. It's an unusual move if not for the Heat blunder.

    Alex, wishing is free hehe!

  5. Btw glad to have changed pick to Griffin, he got 46 in a loss. Now for what Heat to pick..

  6. Grrrrrr!!!!
    Hate the time i decided to change my picks!!!!
    Congratulations, Taong!!

    Could all of you put your scores??? Just to compare...

  7. 591 after Griffin. Alex is 594. Rebound is 632 (woot!).

    I guess as long as you are better than Shaq, you're still on track.


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