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As I mentioned before, I replaced the Gasol pick with the LeBron pick because of the 1-2 deficit. And for May 21, my pick is Pau Gasol. Kobe said publicly that Pau's got to be more assertive, and Pau needs to be just that because he cannot allow another poor playoff performance tarnish his last game this season and jeopardize his place in the Lakers franchise. He's got to show that he still has the fire and that he belongs in there.

Now, the Heat tying the series 2-2 is a big difference from down 1-3. This has now come down to a best-of-3 series with Miami hosting two games. If you look at it like that, the Heat are now slightly more favored to win. And so back to picking a Pacer. Roy Hibbert.

The Heat are still small in the middle without Bosh, and so there is no change in there where he can dominate. Roy Hibbert will never be as high as Game 3's surprise, but he will never be as low as Game 4's adjustment to him by the Heat. I'll be happy to get a 20+ PRA from him. Go Hibbert!


  1. I have a bad feeling for the Lakers game. Again I have a guy who was picked by a mere 1% of Drivers. That didn´t go well with Sessions, I hope the Elbow-thrower will work out better. Get some rebounds and some crazy 3s in the second half also known as garbage time in a game where the Lakers get eliminated. Seriously, when was the last time the Lakers were not eliminated in a rout? Even when they lost the finals to Boston in 2008 they got whupped but good in game 6.

    Pacers - Heat? Back to picking a Pacer, the best one I got left is Hibbert of course.

    Now if only the Celtics can defend homecourt that would give me at least something to work with in the next round...

  2. LEADER .... 798
    REBOUND ... ???
    TAONG ..... 658
    ALEX ...... 641
    QUARK ..... 614

    (is it right??)

    One thing i learned playing DTTF is DON'T CHANGE YOUR MIND. I learned it last year and the year before but I alwayd do the same mistake... Changing picks can be right for the strategy but fails for scoring... I missed nearly 60 points changing Griffin-Lebron for Gasol-Griffin... Anyway, don't worry.. From now on i won't change any more, picking day to day and betting on the best (i hope it will be the best...)
    RONDO for today, WADE for tomorrow and cross fingers every day

  3. Alex, I was about to suggest a Sixer, but the game is already under way. Good luck on World Peace. Pun intended.

    quark, a Rondo pick will work if they lose this game. Knock on wood. And don't worry about changing minds, it's the same risk as not changing minds when we become double-minded.

  4. LEADER .... 830
    REBOUND ... ???
    TAONG ..... 690
    ALEX ...... 660
    QUARK ..... 645

    Iguodala for game 6...

  5. The Celtics must finish them off in Game 6 even if that's in Philly. Or else I'll be in panic mode again and be picking Rondo or Garnett in Game 7. Don't want that to happen.

    Just like what it says in Mortal Kombat, "Finish him!"


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