Coach Of The Year: Gregg Popovich

First up, congratulations to Coach Pop for bagging the Coach of the Year award! He deserves it. The way he changed the Spurs personality from defensive team to an offensive team (with still its defense intact) is remarkable.

And in honor of that award, I'm picking from an opposing team..
  • Gordon Hayward -- He had a very good first game. 12 of 12 from the line, and 17 points. Look for him to maintain the intensity, and pray that he gets those threes this time for a possible 25+ PRA.
  • Paul Millsap -- He went on and got payback by himself, but still got a loss. You can consider revenge not yet over. C'mon give me 30! .. Please.

If you have not picked Al Jefferson (which I did), then he is a better pick than Hayward. But Millsap is the best player in the Jazz roster. As our survey says, pick the "best player in losing team".

The Pacers and Magic are tied 1-1, but the Magic are slated to lose the series without Howard. The Game 1 win was just good luck. Raise your hand if you were not surprised... no, not you fans from Orlando.
  • Glen Davis -- Double-double in Games 1 and 2, and now playing at home. He is the better pick than Millsap if you believe the Pacers win the series. I would pick him, but that misleading 1-1 standing is baffling and messing up my philosophies. I will wait for Game 3 to finish. If Magic still lose, Davis gets the boot in my DTTF in Game 4.
Some people say that the Clippers are supposed to lose. I did not believe them because Chris Paul has been burning my own team for years just by himself. And it showed in the thriller the last game. If you think the Memphis (the dangerous team coming into the playoffs) will lose the series, feel free to pick a Grizzly. Gasol, Gay and Conley are proven 20+ PRA producers. Randolph had a bad Game 1, but I'm sure he'll bounce back in Game 2. There are lots of pick-able players left in the Grizzlies, that the remaining games may not be enough to accommodate them all. I'm just not sure why I am not picking a Grizzly yet. Should I?


  1. Right, Taong... I still haven't picked a Grizz/Clipp and I won't do it today... I think this serie will go to 5 or 6 games; so I save the pairs Gay-Gasol / Paul-Griffin for a better occasion.
    My pick is Glen Davis.

    1. Glen is looking to be a good pick, near 20 PRA at the half.

  2. And Millsap and the starters sit down early. All this talk about missing Tiago Splitter is non-sense. Spurs drowning the Jazz in a sea of baskets. Ouch


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