When To Push The Panic Button

So the 76ers stole a game in Boston and now the series are tied. You may find that to be homecourt advantage stolen, but we have seen that many times in Round 1 and past playoffs. A tied series is not an indication of anything except the change to a best-of-five. The Celtics can very well win a game in Philadelphia, and we will be back to where our mindset was (that the Celtics will advance).
So when should we start picking Celtics?
  • If 76ers were up 1-0 (which did not happen) pick from some other match.
  • If series tied 1-1, keep picking a 76er.
  • If 76ers lead 2-1, start picking a Celtic.
  • If series tied 2-2, keep picking a 76er.
  • If 76ers lead 3-X, slam that panic button and pick the best Celtic.
  • If Game 7, pick the best player on this series.
With the series tied 1-1, I am still not worried and I believe Celtics will push through, so I am picking my next best available 76er, Andre Iguodala. With him, you always know he is going to fill up the stats sheet; just not consistently on the stats that matter to us. Well, PRA-wise, he is a better pick this series versus the Celtics than last round with the Bulls. I am hoping he keeps it up with 25+ PRA.
Good luck, and hold your horses!


  1. No panic at this stage, but...
    As I said in your previous post, my pick for today is Louis Williams and save Iguodala for an elimination game... I'm confident Celtics will pass but if they lose game 3 I will have a trouble for game 4 if Lakers are down 2-0...

  2. Hate blowout games. Players sit through the 4th quarter. Argh

  3. Williams had a decent 17 PRA... Hoping more, but it's right!!

  4. Iguodala had less than 20 PRA... Expecting more, and this is wrong


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