2 > 4 ?

I don't get it. Miami's Big Two is greater than Boston's Big Four? Why is there noone picking the Celtics to win? Believe me, I will be rooting for the Celtics (I am for teamwork, not talent). But logic tells me that the Heat will take this series. Here are the alternatives:
  • Kevin Garnett -- this soon-to-be free agent is the Celtic's MVP of the playoffs. Yes he is a warrior, and will continue to flourish this series. There is noone in the Heat roster who can stop him. Pick him while he's hot!
  • Paul Pierce -- he only averages 24 PRA in Game 1s these playoffs, but he averages 30 PRA against the Heat. He burned Miami by 36 PRA the last time he played there.
  • Rajon Rondo -- he carries this team now, have you seen Game 7? He plays a lot bigger on the road, and Chalmers can't stop him. Another triple double is possible, but I'll accept 30 PRA from him, thank you!
It might be interesting to mention that Brandon Bass is the hot pick at 33% with a potential 20+ PRA. Huh? I guess that is warranted as the Heat are lacking bigs. It might be right timing to pick him while Chris Bosh is out, but his inconsistency does not ring right with me.

Speaking of Bosh's absence, Coach Spoelstra prepared his squad without Bosh, and that would mean more baskets and rebs for Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. If you are short on the Celtics (like me), it might be good to pick from the Big Two before Bosh comes back. Bosh, by the way is doing drills already; he should be back before this series ends.

As for the West, I am glad that the NBA wind agreed with my pick plan, and so I am continuing to pick Thunder players. I pre-picked Russell Westbrook, but that spill last game made me worry about his Game 2 effectiveness. If he continues to favor one leg, then I will wait for a home game before I pick him. In Oklahoma City, he'll get proper treatment and home cooking. Not to mention that he loves playing at home. So to replace him, I pick James Harden.

Fear the beard!


  1. 41 PRA from Harden.
    Not bad.
    Not bad at all.
    Got lucky!!!


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