Which George?

The Pacers now have two straight bad games, and the injuries have quickly piled up. This is what DTTF veterans have been saying all along -- to pick stars early.. because of injuries. Danny Granger tried to play through a sprained left ankle to no avail, and David West got a 'cheap shot' that led to a left knee sprain. Now picking them this late is not recommended.

So the Pacers are banged up and the Heat duo are playing great, and now we are continuing to pick a Pacer. If you are still sandbagging Roy Hibbert, now is the time to use him. With West possibly out or limited with the injury, Hibbert will see a lot of touches in the paint.

As for me I already used Granger, West and Hibbert; and now are left with George Hill and Paul George.
  • George Hill --Stat-wise throughout the playoffs, you would pick him with 19 PRA. However, his past two performances parallel with the Pacers' two straight bad games. Now with two less starters to pass to, you can expect him to be more aggressive (so more points), but will have fewer assists. Now all he has to do is get out of the recent funk. Note also that George Hill will become a restricted free agent, so he might want to use this potential last game as an audition.
  • Paul George -- His average 18 PRA is not that far off from Hill's, and he has been at least consistent throughout this series. With a limited Granger, he'll be counted upon to take up the scoring slack from the wings. For some reason, my gut tells me I can rely more on his consistency than Hill's variance. I like knowing what I will get. I pre-picked Hill before Game 5, but after what has happened in that game, I'm changing my pick to Paul.


  1. I first picked Hill, and you know I don´t change my picks (unless I learn of an injury). So I am now willing to pass you on account of Hill´s expected 51 PRA to George´s 8 PRA.
    Damn, I just jinxed it ;)
    I hope the Pacers could win it then it will be George for me in game 7 (Hill for you, I guess), and when the Pacers win in Miami, then we both are mightily screwed in the conference finals.

    By the way, I´m still not sure whether or not I should be disappointed with Hibbert in game 5. It was a blowout so he spent more time on the bench than I would have liked, but he still was the best Pacer out there DTTF-wise. Still, should have saved him for the homegame and picked one of the Georges for this one. Well, hindsight is 20/20.

    1. Lol Alex, you perked me up with that comment. Now, you've caused me to overthink that pick the rest of the day today hehe!

      Hibbert was still the best pick of the day, so there's nothing to be disappointed there. And Hibbert's play is dwindling due to the Heat's adjustment. Hibbert's 30+PRA a few games ago was the perfect for him and that was it for him.


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