It's Filler Time!

So the Celtics looked tired and disinterested in general, and got beat by the Heat earlier. But as I mentioned before, whatever the result of the East Finals is, that does not matter anymore in my DTTF picks. Due to instances in the earlier rounds, I already picked Paul Pierce (after Rondo got suspended), LeBron James (after a 1-2 deficit) and Kevin Garnett (on a Game 7). I already chose Rajon Rondo (32 PRA in Game 1), so I am already out of quality Celtic picks. The only lone quality picks I have are with the Miami in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (if healthy); and the rest are fillers.
  • Dwyane Wade -- 32 PRA and being aggressive enough to pick up the slack off Bosh's absence. Not picking him yet, but will do when they visit Boston because he plays better on the road.
  • Ray Allen -- 15 PRA and being ineffective. Yes he had big fourth quarters, but in DTTF we need him to go at it the whole game. Not picking him unless he gets one passable full game under his belt.
  • Brandon Bass -- a third of DTTF groaned in agony after that 11 PRA showing in Game 1, when he failed to capitalize on the Heat's lack of size inside. What is worse than a filler is an inconsistent filler.
  • Mario Chalmers -- I only expect about 19 PRA from him, but he is at least consistent at that PRA, with a few 20+ PRA now and then. In Game 1, he shot 0 of 6 from the trey and 3 of 9 from the field, and still got 18 PRA. I am picking him, and hoping he gets his shots this time.


  1. I am doing something wrong here. Starting the conference finals I had every player availabe with the exception of D-Wade. Two games in I´ve fallen so far behind it´s laughable. Diaw didn´t play the final 18 minutes of the game (why not?), Allen matched the worst freethrowshooting of his career for a fantabulous 13 PRA. Sad to say, outside of the remaining big 3 in Boston (I refuse to number Ray Allen among them any longer ;) ) he was indeed the best of the guests.
    Pick of the Litter was Shane Battier, and seeing that the Heat played at home he should at least have been considered. Who´d have thought he would contribute a double-double? Too bad, that was it for him in this series probably.

    But before I wonder what Celtic player might be interested to compete on wednesday I´ll have to pick a Thunder. Everybody picked Durant in game 1 and got the daily point leader out of it. The question is, who will rise to the occasion in game 2? I put my hope on the beard. Picking Harden.

  2. Captain America: "Take out the beard, what are you?"
    James Harden: "Baby-faced."

  3. Second pick of the serie and I'm betting against my strategy... Spurs won game 1 and there are 4 Thunders avaible and consistent... But I've decided to go with Parker... Why??? Maybe because I think he's playing better at home and mostly the fisrts games of the series... Maybe I'm wrong... Next pick will be Westbrook.

  4. quark, some people think the Thunder can still steal Game 2 and home court advantage. If that happens, then your strategy to pick Spurs will be warranted. If that does not happen, then you'll rush to pick the 4 big Thunders: Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka (yes Ibaka can do 20 PRA) in 2 to 3 games.

  5. Brandon Bass plays better on home court in this playoff so i will save him of game 3 or 4, while i'm picking Ray Allen for game 2

  6. @Anonymous, Bass on home court does makes more sense than on the road. Good luck with him.

    Ray Allen for Game 2, meanwhile, is not recommended. He is not himself. Although he did mention he volunteered to stay to play instead of a game of rest, he is definitely not in top shape. Even in worse shape. His shots are off-balance because of the ankle. And he exercises in the pool instead of his usual shooting routine practice. Stay off Allen. Or at least wait til he plays at home after a full day of proper rest (Game 4 perhaps).


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