Slow And Steady

Being patient with the picks, sticking to the plan (no matter how righteous or flawed of a strategy you have), and knowing you will be rewarded more later than now.. these are the things that make a great DTTF driver. You may currently have a low percentile, but with all the other DTTF drivers who previously picked superstars already from winning teams (e.g. KD, LBJ, Wade), you can expect those drivers to fall down due to shortage of quality players to pick later on. Thus, giving space for you to move up. Two years ago, I started out at about 50+ percentile at end of Round 1 and then found myself 90+ percentile at the end of the Finals. All you need is a little patience.

Now with the picks.

The Clippers are going down against the Spurs, but there are only two Clippers that are worth picking: Chris Paul (34 PRA) and Blake Griffin (27 PRA). You can pick Paul now, but if you are like me who was playing safe last round, you will only have one of them left. I will pick Griffin on an elimination game.

The Pacers have three pick-worthy players: David West (28 PRA), Danny Granger (27 PRA), and Roy Hibbert (24 PRA). Granger is the star of the team and the go-to guy so I can understand if you pick him now. For me, I'm betting on David West because he is more injury-prone. So David West it is for me.

The 76ers, meanwhile, are tied 1-1 with the Celtics. I am still betting the Celtics will come out on top. So I am still picking a 76er next. Four 76ers are pick-worthy: Jrue Holiday (26 PRA), Andre Iguodala (23 PRA), Spencer Hawes (21 PRA), and Evan Turner (21 PRA). I already picked Jrue, and it's now Iggy's time.

The Thunder's Game 1 win over the Lakers are convincing enough for me that they are the real deal. If you feel the same way and still have all three (Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol), then you should start picking a Laker now. If you have only two left like I do, then you can pick a 76er for now, and wait for the Thunder to win 2 games before plowing through the Lakers' remaining of the Big Three.

Steady as she goes. Engage.


  1. Well, Sessions really was a surprise for me, but not in a good way :(

    I would have picked this Aldritch guy (or something like that) from the Thunder bench (he with the 8 pts and 6 reb, or something like that), if only I had ever heard his name.

    I didn´t expect a 30 PRA from Sessions, but 5 is a little less than what he might have done, especially in this game that consisted mostly of garbage time.

    I didn´t want to jinx it before by noting I hoped he would at least be better than Griffin...

    BUT if I had changed my pick, it might have been Fisher or Gasol, both picks not much better.

    That makes a proud 16 points in the last two games. Should start to make better picks now.

    So I´ll start with... West
    That´s a friendly warning to you ;)

  2. Ok, Taong. Same strategy, different names... I picked Granger and Jrue in the first round; so I betted on Hawes yesterday and I'm going with Hibbert today. Why not West??? Well, looking at the stats, Hibbert is most consistent on the road... I hope he continue on that way...

  3. Im going with Hibbert tonight, somehow he seems to have a much higher DTTF pts on the road than at home (28.7 on the road in 3 gms. 19.7 at home in 3 gms ), so i hope that continues.

    Bos/Phi & LAL/Thu share these days...

    Wednesday (Phi/Bos gm3 ; LA/Thu gm2)
    Friday (Phi/Bos gm 4 ; LA/Thu gm3)
    Monday(Phi/Bos gm5 ; LA/Thu gm 5)

    Im planning on picking the LA Big guys the next 2 matchups(Already picked Kobe).

    Im going to wait and see how the next 2 games of the Phi/Bos series go, because i really think the Sixers can win the series. Philly were 2-1 in the regular season with a margin of victory pretty significant, they have also been better in the first 2 games(led most of game 1).

    I'll have a clearer picture of it after Fridays games on how the Boston series goes.

    I just dont see the Lakers winning against OKC, so it's pretty safe to start picking from there.

  4. Alex, David West did what was expected of him for us. That's always a good gimme. 27 PRA, and I am happy with the pick.

    quark & Rebound, I also saw that on road advantage over home with Hibbert, but I decided the injury factor of David West (his free agency was almost was ruined by nagging injuries). So David West it was for me.

  5. West is next one... My pick for game 3... And Today, I'm going with Louis Williams (PHI,1%), saving Iguodala for an elimination game... (If Boston lose I'll have a big problem in the next pickings...)

  6. Pick Iggy instead of Williams. On an elimination day, the other game of that date may have a better option than Williams.


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