Will Memphis Bounce Back?

As the 3-2 series in favor of the Clippers move back to LA for Game 6, I can't help but be worried. The Grizzlies have shown they can still compete and adapt to the Clippers defense. Game 6 will be like a Game 7 for the Clippers. If the Grizzlies win Game 6, the series will go back to Memphis where the home crowd will be all pumped up! The Clippers cannot afford that, so look for them to close out the Grizzlies this game.

As for who to pick from the Grizzlies, choose the best player available left in your DTTF.
  • Rudy Gay -- (30+ PRA, except the last game) Only Grizzlies fans are holding up Rudy hoping for a series win. Give it up, and pick him.
  • Mike Conley -- (25+ PRA, except the last game) Last game was an abberation. The Clippers obviously locked him down after a 40 PRA in Game 4.
  • Marc Gasol -- (22 PRA) Second hottest pick with a 34 PRA in Game 5. With Zach or Marc, they are interchangeable stat-wise.
  • Zach Randolph -- (23 PRA) Hottest pick this game with a 30 PRA in Game 5. At Staples, he plays harder than Marc these playoffs. He gets my pick.

I noticed that 10% of the drivers are picking Blake Griffin and another 10% with Chris Paul. I think the Paul pick is unwarranted as they are likely to win the series and even if they lose, every one of us are picking him in Game 7. The Griffin pick is okay since his PRA is 29 average, higher than that of any remaining Grizzlies. I guess if you are more worried than me with the Clippers, go ahead and pick Blake Griffin this game.

Good luck!


  1. Im worried about the hip flexor injury Paul has, Paul is just so important to those guys.

    I might pick Griffin just to be safe, but im still thinking about it

  2. As I already picked Paul in game 1 I have to pick another Grizzly even though the last game (a win even) was terrible DTTF-wise, so it has to be Zach Randolph. Should Memphis get this game and take it to game 7, then it would be Griffin.

  3. There's an injury alert on Paul, Griffin... but i took my decision days ago... I'm going with Paul.
    Next game??? I will see...
    Ah! Bynum for tomorrow...

  4. Tomorrow? Now that´s a good question. Bryant? Risk it by going with a Nugget? Ah, decisions...

  5. @Rebound, I'm not worried about Paul. Countless times that happened with him versus my team when he was a Hornet, and he always came up big playing hurt (maybe not stat-wise, but win-wise). If Paul does get limited minutes, then yeah Griffin will go bonkers on stats.

    @Alex, let's hope Zach delivers.

    @quark, why Bynum and not Kobe? Did you pick Kobe already before?

    1. I think Lakers will pass, but I have no hope any Nugget can score a decent PRA...
      I always said that if you must pick on a team, pick the best player... but i had a vision on Bynum; so i've picked him. No logic, just faith...

    2. Ah a vision, I can't contest that. Good luck quark. I actually want the Lakers to win just so it will be a watchable OKC-LA matchup :)


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