Pick a Parker, Westbrook, or Not

Hohum, there are no games on this day May 25, which makes it really weird because we always had NBA every day of this lockout-shortened season. Then to suddenly look at the schedule with no NBA.. what are we going to watch?!?! Well, there are lots of baseball going on, but some of us are not interested in that. So here is something to feed your need for some ball, you are going to enjoy this video from ESPN..

Tony Parker has indirectly called out a challenge to Russell Westbrook. And knowing Westbrook, he will not stand pat and wait for him to be trash talked into it.

I am set to pick Kevin Durant in Game 1, but this calling of names had me thinking about picking Westbrook because he may go nuts in Game 1. But do you think it is the right time to pick Westbrook?


  1. Huh? What did I do? What am I going to do? I am confused.

    I would have sworn I had picked Hill, and when checking the boxscore I saw he was the best after West of the Pacers, but George was just 2 points behind him. Okay, I made 2 points more then Taong, little steps to get him.

    Then I go to my picks and I picked George? Huh? Strange. I know I wanted to pick Hill, but I obviously didn´t. Well, only two points lost.

    Now, game 7. I decided to go for it, and pick a 76er. Remaining players to pick from: Hawes, Williams, Young, Brand et al. After a few bad games in the middle of the series Hawes seems to be back on track, but Brand was terrible up until game 5 and seems to be rolling now. I pick Brand because he is a little more experienced than Hawes, that should help in a game 7 on the road.
    On the other hand, if turns out to be a blowout, this might not bode too well for Brand and for me.
    Of course, if the Celtics blow this game, Hawes will be my best remaining player from that squad and my second best option in the conference finals behind James.
    Long story short: Let´s go Celtics!!!

  2. At this point, i think you can pick anybody on of the Thunder big 3, it's just a lottery who gets hot.

  3. If nothing comes out of Westbrook's mouth until the game, then we know he'll let his game speak for himself. Then I'm picking him.

    Otherwise, picking Durant.

  4. No Durant, no Westbrook... My first idea is picking Duncan... If I change my mind (again), the man will be Harden...

  5. If this was the Spurs of old, the Thunder will run them off the bldg. But take note that this year's Spurs are a running team, not anymore the halfcourt-set Spurs. I will not be surprised if this series go 7 games, but Spurs should prevail.


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