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Almost 80% of our followers are thinking the Celtics will win this series. And we may be right, as the Celtics won earlier and are now up 3-2 in the series against the Sixers. It's elimination time, and my pick for the next game is Evan Turner.

I only have him and Spencer Hawes left. Spencer was the only positive in the +/- category from last game, and the Sixers will be a lot better team if they get him more involved. Note the "if" in that last statement. I tend to shy away from conditional picks, that is why my pick remains to be the best available Sixer I have in Evan (who logs in about 8 more minutes per game than Spencer anyway).

If you still have Jrue Holiday or Andre Iguodala for some reason (maybe a Sixer fan? Wassup Philly?!), then you should pick them ahead of Evan.

A little note on Game 6. While I am hoping the Celtics will finish off the Sixers there, there is still the possibility that the Sixers win that game. If and only if that happens, then my Game 7 pick will either be Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett. That will definitely screw up my Eastern Conference Finals strategy, but Rondo and Garnett's PRA are too good to pass up.

So.. go Celtics!


  1. I saved Iguodala for this game. I think Celts will win, but if they lose game 6 i'll bet on Pierce in game 7... So... in this case, I'll have only one consistent pick (Garnett (BOS) or Turner (PHI)) for next round... The main problem is if Miami will get on (as nearly everybody believe) I'll need 4 picks minimum on BOS/PHI...

  2. Taong, I will never catch you now. Right now I have that bad tendency again to pick the right players on the wrong night. From the Lakers I had:
    Game 3 Kobe 49 (Gasol 29, MWP ?)
    Game 4 Gasol 17 (MWP 20, Kobe 51)
    Game 5 MWP 19 (Gasol 32, Kobe 47)
    Seeing as we tend to pick the same people (Hibbert tonight, Turner tomorrow) I will have to wait till the conference finals when I can pick lots of Celtics.

  3. Alex, you can still catch me. I already picked Pierce and James, so I have shortage of players to pick in East Finals, which would mean in the Finals I will be left to pick from the West winner only. I am picking the Spurs to win, so if I'm wrong and Thunder wins out, then I'm in big trouble in DTTF for the Finals.

  4. Taong, I think it'a mistake to pick only on one team in Conference Finals. During the game, you save players to have more piks avaible next round; but now the game is nearly over, and you should bet on the best option...
    I mean if you think Spurs will win and you pick only Thunders, you will miss picks in the final (if SAS goes on) because you'll bet on some east players...

  5. I meant..

    During the Conference Finals the East game is scheduled differently from the West game; they don't play at same dates.

    So assuming Celtics/Miami push through..

    Conf Finals
    Day 1: pick Durant
    Day 2: pick Rondo
    Day 3: pick Westbrook
    Day 4: pick Garnett
    Day 5: pick Harden
    Day 6: pick Allen
    Day 7: pick Ibaka
    Day 8: pick Bass

    And of course if Thunder leads 1-0 or 2-1 or 3-2, then Spurs get picked.

    Day 1: pick Dwade
    Day 2: pick Bosh
    Day 3: pick Chalmers
    Day 4: pick Parker
    Day 5: pick Duncan
    Day 6: pick Ginobili

    Now that's all assuming perfect sweeps in conference Finals. If any of those East or West Conf Finals gets longer than 4 games (which they will), then they will eat some picks from the Finals.. which will mean strictly tight options for the Finals for me.

    That's what I meant :)

    And then Alex can overtake me ;)

  6. Look...
    If all the series go to 6 games, you will need 18 picks; it is 4-5 picks on each team. In you strategy, the Conf. Finals go only to 4 games and you suppose SAS and MIA will win...
    I have a different vision of all that stuff...
    I want to use all the best players and they will produce (+ or -) the same in any round. So I will start picking Celts and Thunders just because I have more consistent players on that teams; but I will pick Spurs and Heats in next round. In that way, I will pick the same players as you, but changing the order I can pick all the bests and consistent of them...

    Day 1: pick Westbrook
    Day 2: pick Garnett
    Day 3: pick Duncan
    Day 4: pick Allen

    Next picks will depend on the results, saving Lebron and Pierce for an elimination game. If SAS wins, I will bet on a Thunder (Harden); if not I will take Parker. And so on...


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