Tough Choice

May 8 is a tough day for many drivers as 4 teams are on the verge of elimination: Magic, Hawks, Bulls (???), and Nuggets. Of the four, the Magic and the Nuggets are playing on the road, thus are less favored to win; they are also currently not playing well so it's easy to bet against them. The Hawks and the Bulls will be playing in front of the home crowd and are favored to win and stretch their respective series.

Let us go through the options first:
  • Carlos Boozer -- With the injury to Joakim Noah, Boozer has been playing well. Expect 30+ PRA.
  • Josh Smith -- Back from injury and the safest pick of these three listed here. Consistent 30 PRA.
  • Glen Davis -- Surprise producer in that series, and playing on the road. He gets my pick for a possible 30 PRA. 

Note that I only indicated above players with potential 30 PRA. Other options are Ty Lawson, Danilo Gallinari, Joe Johnson and Joakim Noah (if playing). But since all are on an elimination game, you should go for the best player.

With these three 30-PRA guys, I am sure to lose the chance to pick the other two in the future. I am picking Davis because that move gives me the best chance of having Smith and/or Boozer in Game 6. Whereas if I pick either Smith or Boozer, believing that Davis' Magic will not leave Indiana with a win, there's a chance I will never see these guys again in the playoffs.

Good luck with your pick, and may your pick's team lose and the others win.


  1. Well, here you are. After cleverly picking a Bull on sunday (and not so cleverly picking Deng instead of Boozer, well, it could have been Rip) I now have a small problem as Josh Smith returned and played well. Boozer or Smith? Or Horford?

    Can Boozer do it for the third straight game? Smith again despite his pain? Rip for redemption? I`m so glad a picked Davis already. The question is: Who wins? Atlanta or Chicago? Then pick the other one.

    I think I´ll go with Boozer this time. This is a warning to all of you :)

    1. Noah-less Bulls vs Horford-enforced Hawks.
      Yep, pick Boozer.

    2. You're right, Alex... But i think Chicago has more options to win... So, i picked Smith saving Boozer (or any other Bull) for next time.

    3. Can't go wrong with either Smith or Boozer for the PRA. As to whoever wins, keep your fingers crossed :)


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