There's Something About Gallo

My pick for this date? Danilo Gallinari..

  • Danilo Gallinari -- The Nuggets may win 1 more in Denver, but it does not change the way I think this series will end. I am taking the Italian in Game 3 and that's it for the Nuggets for me. No other Nuggets can give me a consistent upper 20s PRA. This also frees my pick chart to concentrate on the other 3 matches in the next few gamedays.
Gallo is the safe pick because of the uncertainty of the other matches. But if you believe you have them figured out already, here are the alternatives for this date:

  • Joe Johnson -- With Josh Smith's left knee injured, the Hawks are going to lean on Joe to heat it up. If you think the Celtics are going to clamp on Joe, Jeff Teague is another option to give you a higher PRA while Josh is out.
  • Rajon Rondo -- Back from suspension, expect him to get out of the gates flying. Expect a high 30s PRA from him in Game 3. Kevin Garnett is having a great series, with or without Rondo, so you can pick him on a latter date.
  • Jrue Holiday -- Good first game, and a great second game. With that trend, it is hard to imagine him suddenly dipping in stats for the next game. I can say you can't go wrong with him.
  • Joakim Noah -- 31 PRA and without Rose, you gotta love how he performs in these playoffs. But aside from him, there's no one else (maybe Rip Hamilton). I will pick him on a latter date if and only if needed.
 Good luck and enjoy your pick!


  1. Im going with Joe Johnson tonight, he will have to have a big game for them to win with Smith out.

    After seeing them play in game 2, i think the Hawks team just isnt mentally tough enough, i dont expect them to win the series, specially if Ray Allen can make a return because the Celtics have been awful from 3 in this series.

    Loss of Smith and Horford is also pretty hard to make up for.

  2. Ah well, so much for the Mavs. Not really surprising. But so what, they won it last year, that will always remain. Back to the game.

    I have no idea about the Bulls-76ers, not sure about Hawks-Celtics, and I don´t want to go to the Nuggets, Gallinari disappointed me too much for my taste.

    Maybe the Hawks? Boston has homecourt and Rondo, Hawks lost Smith at least for game 3 if not longer, I think I´ll go with Johnson tonight. Don´t he dare to hide or let himself be smothered by the Celtics. Let´s hope there is not another rout.

  3. I was decided to pick a Hawk today. Smith was my election... But it seems he will be out... So, I have 2 options: to change my mind and pick a Nugget (Lawson) or going with Johnson... Mmmmm, I think I'll pick... TY LAWSON (and cross my fingers...)

  4. Judging by your picks and almost-picks, Joe Johnson is making more sense. I'm tempted to change picks.


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