Conley Island

  • Mike Conley -- He had a good game earlier with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. He will have a hard time duplicating that 40 PRA but a 30+ PRA will suit me just fine. He gets my pick in the elimination game.
  • Rudy Gay -- Rudy started out cold in Game 3, but quickly rallied back to form in the second half. He is still the go-to-guy in Memphis, and he will remain that way.
And that is it! Join us next time...

What? No Zach or Gasol? Nope! They're too inconsistent. You should allocate your pick to the best consistent player available.

And what? No Knicks? Well, if you've been too stubborn to listen and haven't picked Melo or Stoudemire up to this point, then you don't deserve to be told a 2nd time.



  1. With Rudy already picked, the question is Conley or Stoudamire??
    Mmmmm, ??????

  2. With Stoudamire you got high 20+ PRA.
    With Conley you got 30+ PRA.
    So Conley.

    The Heat are more likely to finish off the Knicks in Miami.
    The Grizzlies are more likely to win over Clippers in Memphis to extend the series to one more game.
    So Stoudamire.

    See how hard it is :P Should have used Stoudamire before.
    Pick Conley for the safe PRA pick (win or lose).
    Pick Stoudamire to gamble for a Conley pick in Game 6.

  3. Not a good day for DTTF. Stoudemire with a modest 19, Conley with a 17, Rudy G. (my choice) with a 0 after the 1st quarter, 6 at halftime and a whopping 19 in the end.

    I banked on Luol Deng a few nights back on having a good game and he didn´t. That led me to not trusting my gut and taking a chance with Marc Gasol who answered the way Deng did a game too late.

    Ah, if only...

  4. You are not alone Alex, sometimes I feel that these NBA players play DTTF too and get nervous when they become hot picks. Hehe!

    Well, we still have 3 rounds of basketball left. Lots of time to rally.


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