CP3, Or Not To Be

That is the ques...

No, there is no question! The Clippers had twice the chance to close out the Grizzlies (one at Staples) and they did not deliver. Now they should suffer the consequences. Memphis fans will rock FedExForum and the Grizzlies are the favorite to come out of this series alive. Period.

My obvious pick for this game, Chris Paul.

Both Paul and Blake Griffin are playing hurt with a myriad of injuries, and that makes it more of a reason for the Clippers to lose this game. We cannot count on Paul giving us 40 PRA because of those injuries, but we can expect a decent 30 or 25+ PRA because Paul will never go down on a Game 7 without a fight.

Before this game, almost 40% of the DTTF drivers already picked Paul, and almost 30% already picked Griffin. If you already picked Paul, then the clear replacement is Griffin (and then pray that the Clippers lose this game because you will have no one left in the 2nd round if they do win).

The counter-argument is -- this is still a 1-game series and the Clippers can still pull out a win as Clipper Darrell and every other Clipper fan (are there?) are hoping for. If the Grizzlies lose, then we can all kiss goodbye those yummy PRAs that Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are recently producing.

This Game 7 for me is a slightly easier decision than the other Game 7 (Nuggets@Lakers), just because of who is playing at what home court. If it was the Clippers playing at home, I would still pick Paul with the same reasons of picking Kobe. If the games don't go my way, I am bound to make more careful planning for Round 2.

Good luck, and enjoy the Game 7s!

Kobe, Or Not To Be

That is the question!

Does it make sense to pick Kobe Bryant at a Game 7 fearing a loss, even though most of us think that the Lakers will win that game and advance to the next round???

I'd say, "Yes". And he does get my pick this game.

Btw, I was laughing inside as I monitor and look at how the Kobe pick jumped from 5% to 38% over a short period of time, as some of us predicted will happen. Watch that jump to 40%+ as the game nears, wait and see.

Case #1: Lakers lose Game 7 and the series
In picking Kobe, that is our hope that that move will be rewarded by seeing the Nuggets in the second round instead of the Lakers. Of course, "if" that ever happens. Will that make us all geniuses? Nope, but it will make us all dorks if we don't pick Kobe and they lose.

Case #2: Lakers win Game 7 and advances to the semifinal round
If that happens, then we are one short of a superstar to pick in the later rounds. Think about it as you are just taking that 40 PRA in advance. Just imagine in a future round or game, that you are supposed to pick Kobe, but you don't have him anymore... then you pick someone else who is a 20+ PRA guy, right? Now imagine, you don't pick Kobe today, but who are you picking... also a 20+ PRA Nugget anyway, right? Granted that a Kobe pick now will cause a chain of events: you pick a 20+ PRA guy in the semifinals, a 20 PRA guy in the conference finals, and a 15+ PRA guy in the finals. It just looks bad only if you think the Lakers will go the finals. Otherwise, it seems fine.

Good luck to all of us!

Will Memphis Bounce Back?

As the 3-2 series in favor of the Clippers move back to LA for Game 6, I can't help but be worried. The Grizzlies have shown they can still compete and adapt to the Clippers defense. Game 6 will be like a Game 7 for the Clippers. If the Grizzlies win Game 6, the series will go back to Memphis where the home crowd will be all pumped up! The Clippers cannot afford that, so look for them to close out the Grizzlies this game.

As for who to pick from the Grizzlies, choose the best player available left in your DTTF.
  • Rudy Gay -- (30+ PRA, except the last game) Only Grizzlies fans are holding up Rudy hoping for a series win. Give it up, and pick him.
  • Mike Conley -- (25+ PRA, except the last game) Last game was an abberation. The Clippers obviously locked him down after a 40 PRA in Game 4.
  • Marc Gasol -- (22 PRA) Second hottest pick with a 34 PRA in Game 5. With Zach or Marc, they are interchangeable stat-wise.
  • Zach Randolph -- (23 PRA) Hottest pick this game with a 30 PRA in Game 5. At Staples, he plays harder than Marc these playoffs. He gets my pick.

I noticed that 10% of the drivers are picking Blake Griffin and another 10% with Chris Paul. I think the Paul pick is unwarranted as they are likely to win the series and even if they lose, every one of us are picking him in Game 7. The Griffin pick is okay since his PRA is 29 average, higher than that of any remaining Grizzlies. I guess if you are more worried than me with the Clippers, go ahead and pick Blake Griffin this game.

Good luck!