Pacers: Do or Die

Now that the Heat won Game 5, leads the series 3-2 and with the Pacers closer to elimination, we have no choice but to pick our last good Pacer. No matter how much you think the Pacers will win Game 6 at home, you run into a risk of missing that Pacer if Heat advances. My best remaining Pacer is David West, and he gets my pick.

Best Of Three

Pacers won Game 4. Series tied at two a piece. Have you saved the Heat's Big Three for the Finals? If you've been playing smart (just smart-level, genius-level is optional), you have been saving LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Parker, Duncan and maybe Ginobili for the Finals. Let me scare you a bit... just a little bit...


After weeks of letting that blu-ray disc lie untouched in one corner of my shelf, I decided we'd give it a go. The movie was Moneyball. Boy, I should have watched that as soon as I bought it.

Sigh Of Relief

If the Pacers have won Game 3, then I would have scrambled to pick Dwyane Wade then LeBron James, and probably miss Chris Bosh. That would leave me with just David West in DTTF for the Finals. It's good to have this series right back on track :)

Best Grizzly Available

It's elimination time! Don't second-guess yourself, pick your best remaining Grizzly. Up 3-0, the Spurs will be looking to sweep the Grizzlies to rest those aging joints before they tangle with the Heat (or Pacers).