Spike Lee, There's Your Bernard King

Scoring Champ, and no ring.

You can read my previous post on Kevin Durant and replace his name with Carmelo Anthony, and that will pretty much give you the essence of why I am picking Melo. I will not even elaborate on it. Don't risk it! Pick him!

For those who have both Melo and Stephen Curry still available, I pity you. You will have to pick Melo over Curry because of that ankle injury. Haven't I told you enough about Curry's injury bug since Round 1?

I had very high expectations for the Knicks, and I think that is my own fault. I likened them to my Mavs 2011 team (Kidd, Chandler, and others can be likened to those Mavs). My dad is a big New York fan and he roots for the Knicks and Nets. I told him not to waste his hopes on the Nets (hello?) because I wanted us both to focus all our energy and emotions and pour them out for the Knicks. I very much love for him to have a NBA champion team of his own after I had mine in 2011. But after every loss, I can see in him how he did not want it rubbed-in and not talk about them. I know it is unfair to say, but the Knicks have failed us.

Hey Dad, good thing that the New York Giants won the SuperBowl last year!

Hmm, who to root for now...


  1. Being a Celtics fan I can't say I'm sorry or surprised the Knicks have gone out...but I do wish they gave their fans a little more to be proud about this round.

    I know you banked on them to win. Did you manage to save a lot of the Pacers?

    Thankfully I guessed right and have everyone from Indy, everyone from the Heat, everyone from SA, and I only used Gasol from Memphis.

    Now it's all about guessing the next round.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts for game 1 of the conference finals.

    1. In DTTF, used George and Hibbert. I am okay with that. Got backup

      In 1-N-Done, used only Hibbert. George should net me more points coz of the 3X.

      Heat now needs Wade to be healthy for next round, so that they can win that smoothly. Otherwise, the Pacers will be dragging their ____s to a Game 7. And I hate Game 7s in these fantasy games :P

  2. Dodged a bullet tonight. I had Shumpert, then saw a link on this here very page about Shumpert being hurt, and replaced him with Jack. That got me at least the second best Warrior of the game.

    Tonight it is Kevin Durant, tomorrow it is Carmelo Anthony. Nothing to talk about at all.

    1. Glad that the newsfeed at the right panel could help.


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