Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak

Wow this Nets-Bulls series... a real roller coaster. First with the Bulls' injuries, you root for the Nets. Then Bulls keep winning, you jumped ship to Bulls. Then more illness come to the Bulls, and the Nets win Game 6... you know the drill.

Tied 3-3, Game 7. With injuries to half (it seems) of the Bulls, and playing in Brooklyn, it is very very hard now to root for the Bulls. You love their fighting spirit, and you love their defense. But with missing bodies, it is just not probable. It is like the SuperFriends (that's Justice League for the not so old) missing Superman, and Batman, and the Flash fighting in crutches! And they are going against the whole Legion of Doom (yes D-Will is the villain. Don't ask. Long story.).

So what's left of our Bulls to pick. I already picked Boozer, and I have Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson left to pick. Noah's PRA dances between 30 and 10. Nate's minutes have skyrocketed late in the series, and he gets my pick... for now.

Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich may come back for Game 7. If Deng returns, I am changing my pick to him. Stay tuned to the news leading up to one hour before tip-off.


  1. Ha! Yes I can. I still have it.
    I passed on Iguodala even though I was sure the Nuggets would go out. AI got a 39.
    I picked from the Nets thinking they would go out. Let´s see:
    The starters:
    Wallace 21
    Evans 17 (with 2 pts and no assists)
    Lopez 21
    Johnson 23
    Williams 30
    Even Blatche got a 17 from the bench.

    I had, of course, their best and most consistent player in Lopez. Great pick, as usual.

    For game 7 I have to go with a Bull. I will pick Boozer, just to warn all of you reading this. Pick someone else.

    1. Boozer is still the best pick if available.
      Luol Deng is the 2nd best pick if healthy.
      Noah is best pick for gamblers.

  2. How about Jimmy Butler? He's healthy and made 30 PRA in game 6.

    1. or Belinelli who made 34?

    2. Stanboi, one-time wonders that are not consistent are very risky. I don't see them being surprises twice in 3 days. If they do, ... surprise!

  3. Hey should I pick Boozer?
    I haven't picked anyone from this series. Yep. Nobody on bulls or nets so what should I do?

  4. Pick the best player from the team you think is going to be eliminated. Probably Lopez/Williams if you think the Bulls will win, or Boozer if you think home court will win.

  5. TheArmyOfMahdi, as Alex said, best player on team u think will lose. Boozer or D-Will.


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