Gotta Love 'Em Overtime Games

Stephen Curry. 44 points. 11 assists. 59 PRA. And a loss! What more can a fantasy gamer hope for? And that is brought to you, ladies and gentlemen, by the beauty of two overtime periods. Thank you very much!

No, I didn't have Curry. I'm just happy for everyone who picked him that last game. Congratulations for leaping over several of us! Heck, I am also even happy for those who picked Jarrett Jack (most), who without the OTs would just have about 10 PRA to his name.

And since they lost, my pick plan of selecting Warriors continue. Next up, the big Australian! Andrew Bogut. Playing well of late, and another one prone to injury. Pick while healthy.

And that's it folks... What? There's that other big news of the Heat losing Game 1 after LeBron got his MVP trophy? Nah, don't worry -- they'll bounce back. Just leave that series alone for now ;)


  1. Thanks again for that tip! Curry is a beast! Glad I decided not to use him up in the first round. I'll be GS heavy during those days as well. The pick moved me up to 3rd in our league by the end of the day. Was painful lurking bottom/middle while I made careful picks but it has paid off so far.

  2. Ah, there it is again. When you are happy with your pick, and he does well, until he ends up being not so good at all.

    I had Thompson in what turned out to be a high-score double overtime jammy. He started strong and was at 27 after three quarters. Finally my luck turned. Or so I thought.

    What did he do in the fourth quarter? Got subbed in, picked up his fifth foul, got subbed out. Then he got in again, picked up his sixth foul and was out of the game for good. Not a single PRA in the fourth quarter and only a spectator in both overtimes. That makes him a pick I´m not completely happy with. Could have been so much better. Still, 27 is more than I hoped for in advance. But... (and so on and so on)

    And now? Both series in the East opened with a home loss. Both series in the West started with an undeserved win by the home team. Who to pick next? I have no idea.

    For tonight I go with J.R.Smith. He should do something and wouldn´t be of much use against the Heat anyway (he says knowing he will eat his words). Tomorrow? I still have to be careful with Grizzlies, I don´t want to waste Spurs or Heatles, I´m running out of options on the Warriors, and I don´t really believe the Bulls are able to pull it off in best-of-7. So I´ll have Noah fight his heart out in a resounding loss.

    1. For Thompson, 27 is more than average.
      So you're voting against the Knicks early, good luck


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