Series Tied, Time To Gamble

As expected, Knicks bounced back. And trashed the Pacers in doing so.
As others expected, Grizzlies continued to handle the Thunder and got a win to show for it.
Both series are tied 1-1. Now what?

Some of them will argue that the lower seeds now have the home court advantage by stealing one on the road. If they believe that strongly, they may go ahead and pick a Knick or a Thunder.

Some of us will argue that home court is irrelevant in the playoffs. I tend to agree for Games 1 to 6. I disagree on Game 7, where it is extremely rare for visitors to win.

Some of you will argue that the tied series just mean that the series are now reduced to best-of-5. And that everyone can stick to their favoured team.

Some of them, especially in Drive To The Finals, will try to balance the risk by picking on the team they have least picked; and that whoever advances to the next round will have roughly the same players left as the one that did not advance.

Some of us, especially in 1-N-Done where points multipliers are applied, will play it safe by picking a third-string player and then wait and see what happens.

Some of you will take advantage of this time to give false suggestions just so as to mislead others so you can overtake them.

Some of them want to confuse you. Some of them want to get confused by you. Sweet picks are made of these. Who am I to disagree? Travel the blogs and the seven beats. Everybody's looking for something.

I have an idea who to pick and why, but I want to hear your arguments before I pick for May 11. You may even convince me.

Movin' on. Movin' on. Movin' on. Movin' on.


  1. Ok... Here's my situation:

    MIA: 0 picks
    CHI: 2 picks

    IND: 1 pick
    NY: 0 picks

    OKL: 0 picks
    MEM: 3 picks

    GS: 1 pick
    SA: 0 picks

    What does this mean????
    * I have no more picks on Grizzs and Durant on Thunder.
    * I have 1-2 picks on NY and 2-3 on Indiana.
    * I have Lebron on Miami and Noah-Deng-Rose on Chicago
    * I have 1-2 picks on San Antonio and 2-3 picks on Golden State.
    Sooooo... The only thing I know is... today I will go with a Warrior.
    Next day depens on today results...
    And May-11 it should be a Pacer...
    After that... who knows...
    I have

    1. May 11 is the problem, quark. Maybe I should just toss a coin twice.

      2 Heads, pick a Pacer.
      2 Tails, pick a Grizzly.
      1 Head first then 1 Tail, pick a Knick.
      1 Tail first then 1 Head, pick a Thunder.

  2. For you Taong, I recommend you go with a Knick, I think that series will be long, and Pacers have the upper hand now, until Knicks steal one in Indy, which I am not sure they can do, but will see. I would go with JR smith or Raymond Felton.

    1. I am quite biased about Knicks coz Kidd and Chandler are my boys from Mavs 2011. Even Novak. I am still hoping for them to steal one in Indiana. I'll wait and see. I may pick a Knick if Pacers up 2-1. JR.

    2. In that case, I would go with a Thunder, but not KD. Will probably take a chance with Kevin Martin or Serge Ibaka.

    3. I see you have Deng for May 10th. If he doesn't play, what's your plan B?

    4. Will only pick Thunder if down 1-2. Maybe Martin.

      If Deng absent, don't know yet. I'll revisit options 2 nights before the game.

  3. I have a good strategy for you. Wait until I pick a player. Avoid that player at all cost. Repeat as needed.

    I had J.R.Smith. He is the epitome of consistency. Played six games (missed that game in the middle of these games) and had never less than 20, never more than 24. This is really a case of "you know what you will get", right?

    What did he do for me? 15.

    I really was thinking of picking my boy Chandler for that game, hoping he would answer to his horrendous game 1, but thought to myself how stupid this would be. Chandler had 13.

    I wish I had picked Fisher. 21? He will never again come even close to that.

    So, for tonight, whatever you do, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT pick Joakim Noah.

    In 2010 I finished with 1301 pts at 185th place.
    In 2011 I didn´t log in again after the Mavs championship for two weeks, then the lockout happened and to this day I´m not sure where I ended up.
    In 2012 I finished with 1267 pts at 284th place.
    This year? It will be a miracle if I even crack 80th percentile.

    1. Okay I am not picking Joakim Noah. I promise =D

  4. I'm on a heck of run...but it might be right into a brick wall of Golden State and the Knicks advance.

    I have Klay Thompson who is having a career-best night after Melo lit it up big yesterday putting me back up to 94% at the half, with Thompson sure to keep doing more damage.

    My next two picks 10/11 are really tricky. After the bulls got blown out I still expect them to win a few more games, but unless all their injured players come back I don't see them winning the series, so I may go with Butler (already used Boozer and Robinson) and save Noah for a close out game allowing for Deng and Rose to come back.

    I've already used Melo and JR smith so I think I might stay away from the Knicks/Pacers until game 4 when it's clear who has the edge. But that means I have to pick somebody on OKC or Memphis. Tough call. I really want OKC to advance but I defense and rebounding wins close games so I don't think they can do it. So maybe I go with Martin or Ibaka until one has a huge advantage.

    It's been reasuring to see if you hit with a multiplyer that you can make up ground fast. I was all the way down to 65% by the end of the first round after picking the right guys on the wrong games.

    1. Gratz on the Klay pick. He is the daily point leader.
      From 65% to 94% is a long way. You are a testament to everyone playing this game that anything is possible.

    2. Thanks Taong!

      Finished the day at 96%. Really shows you how much luck plays into it all. Klay happens to have a career best night in both points and rebounds, meaning unless GS advances (and possibly even if they do) that's the best game he'll have in some time.

      This is like an insane version of roulette combined with the stock market.


    3. Haha! Indeed! Does feel like that!


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