The Pick Who Got Away

It seems that Stephen Curry's ankle injury and Tony Parker's calf injury are affecting them. Curry has flung two-thirds of his shot from the trey, seemingly unable to use his otherwise quick step to penetrate the paint. Parker still penetrates but his 6-of-17 outing may be indicative that he has lost some lift. Clearly both are favouring their respective injuries.

I don't think in general that we should start picking Spurs, because all the Warriors just did is even up the series by winning Game 4 at home. It looks that exciting for the Warriors when you watch that overtime game, but really when you sleep over it, you'd realise that this is now a best-of-3 series with the Spurs playing twice at home.

And so I am continuing to pick a Warrior for May 14... Jarrett Jack. Wait, didn't I establish before that I will be picking him in an elimination game because he is an upcoming free agent? I will get back to that question at the end of this blog post. For now, just take it that Jack is best among my remaining Warriors.

BUT, I am not entirely selfish in my advice. For all those who are afraid that they will be missing the Spurs' Big Three if the Warriors steal Game 5, then you should now pick Tony Parker (if you are playing Drive To The Finals) or Tim Duncan (if you are playing 1-N-Done). I would give Duncan the upper hand on that because of Parker's injury. Do not worry about Manu Ginobili -- his average of around 22 PRA (and inconsistency) can easily be offset by other players in other teams.

Meanwhile, in that Knicks-Pacers series, now that the Pacers are leading 2-1, I should be picking a Knickerbocker according to my pick plan. However, Carmelo Anthony's 36 PRA is too far distant from Raymond Felton's 24 PRA and J.R. Smith's 17 PRA. Felton and Smith can easily be replaced by a 20-PRA baller somewhere else. That is why I am delaying my Carmelo Anthony pick for Game 6 on May 16.

This is where that Jack pick comes in. If the Knicks lose Game 5 and go down 1-3, I will be picking Melo on May 16 and that "may" prevent me from picking Jack on a potential elimination game on that date. That dilemma weighs more than saving a player for his free agency audition. So, picking Jack now.

(Really, J.R. Smith should stop partying with Rihanna!)


  1. Tough situation! Just playing drive to the finals game and i'm ranked 401st, but i was 91st before picking martin on saturday and thompson yesterday...My player status is quite good, I have just Barnes for GS, but all the spurs, all the knicks, hill hibbert and stephenson for indiana, all but martin for OKC(sadly i picked him two days ago..), randolph for MEM, all the heat, noah butler(and deng if he comes back) for the bulls.

    Trying to make a plan right now:
    Tonight bulls heat and grizzlies thunder; i'm quite sure heat will beat chicago in 5, and it's ok because i'm going to play noah, but if memphis goes 3-1 then durant's pick on 15/05 will be a no brainer, as for melo's pick on 16/05 if Indiana goes 3-1 too. And here's is the problem, because on 16/05 there will be even game 6 between GS and spurs and for one of those will be a possible elimination game. If SA goes down 3-2(don't think so but after game 1 and 2 everything can happen) with the knicks down 3-1 we will have melo, duncan and parker(and leonard ginobili) for just 1 spot and the high possibility of losing some of them...On the other hand if GS goes down 3-2 will be easier, i would lose barnes only...everything is possible! I hope New York ties the series to save melo and in that case i could play barnes on 16/05 and then pick some pacers the next days, but it's really a tough decision...what are u gonna do guys?ur predictions?

    1. going with kevin martin/jimmy butler tonight.

      as for tomorrow, it's bogut and a knick (probably felton) cause i think the knicks are gonna lose this series and with these warriors everything is possible right now so I'm saving klay for an elimination game.

      my predicitions are:
      memphis in 6
      miami in 5
      indiana in 6
      spurs in 7

    2. Matteo, it may ease the problem to think that it is improbable for the Spurs and Knicks to lose their next games. If that still happens, well... we get to that problem when we get to that problem :)

      Silas, it does indeed looking like the Pacers (and the Grizzlies) deserve to win the series. Wait... Actually more like Knicks not deserving to win (and Thunder not just the same without Westbrook).

  2. At long last, I have a winner. The rookie Barnes was the stud of the day with an astounding 37 PRA. That means I am now leader in the game for Week 4. That would be a good time to stop plyaing on top, but I already have Belinelli picked for tonight.

    For tomorrow it is a question of picking either a Knick (saving Melo for game 5 if the Pacers go up 3-1) or a Warrior (Bogut or Jack). I already picked three Warriors and just a single Knick so I will go with Shumpert who is kind of on a roll, at least I hope so.

    Maybe missing out on Jack because of the new schedule with the Knicks and the Spurs playing on the same date now is a risk I will have to take. Maybe the Knicks will win game 4 (thanks to 38 pts by Shumpert of course), maybe the Warriors will play game 7, who knows what´s going to happen? Not me.

    1. Let me sell Jack more... three words:
      Curry ankle injury

    2. Went with Jack last night for those very 3 words. He played well and put up 70 (35 PRA).


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