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As some of us has predicted, the Heat has won Game 3. And with a gasp of relief, the Spurs has won Game 3. Up 2-1, both teams are winning as expected.

So here I am, looking at my pick plan which pre-stated Jarrett Jack. I am delaying that pick for an elimination game, and choosing another Warrior. I am running down the list sorted according to average PRA (and so should you on your own player list), and see that my top available aside from Jack is Klay Thompson. Everyone remembers his 40+ PRA in Game 2, but only a few remembers his two 10+ PRAs this postseason; that is why he is this day's top pick. I am content in expecting 25 PRA from him.

I am not sure how Curry's rolled ankle will affect him in Game 4, but if you think highly of it, I will understand why you would pick Jarrett Jack. That's all good.

UPDATE: Stay tuned about Curry's availability before the game. If he cannot play, Jack will replace him as PG. Since Jack also acted as backup to Klay, Klay will now have more minutes in SG. Both players will benefit from Curry's absence. If Curry plays through injury, Klay will benefit more because he will be depended upon for offense when he and Curry are on the floor.


  1. The Heat won, the Spurs won, and the Bull starters got either 25 or 30 PRA, with my pick Robinson getting a 30. Some things go right from time to time, even for me.

    Tonight it´s Jackson, for tomorrow there is only one game? Spurs at Warriors, after that last win by the veterans it has to be another Warrior. Still have three options with Jack, Barnes and Bogut. It´s in Oakland so I roll with the rookie, Barnes to go.

    1. Whoa only one game? Thought there be two. Adjusting entry...

  2. Thompson, Barnes, or Leonard? Haven't used any Spur, Curry,Bogut,& Jack from GSW. Chose Thompson for now, just wanting other people's opinion before game time...

  3. thompson is your best option assuming the spurs take control of the series


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