Best Of Three

Pacers won Game 4. Series tied at two a piece. Have you saved the Heat's Big Three for the Finals? If you've been playing smart (just smart-level, genius-level is optional), you have been saving LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Parker, Duncan and maybe Ginobili for the Finals. Let me scare you a bit... just a little bit...

You choose the Heat to win the series and pick a Pacer in Game 5 (probably David West or Paul George). Pacers win Game 5 and pushes Heat into brink of elimination. You scramble to pick a Heat for Game 6 (LeBron of course). Pacers win Game 6 at home -- and the series. You missed picks on Wade and Bosh -- that's about 45 PRA worth in DTTF, and about 135 points in 1-N-Done. Scared? Okay, let me push your panic button...

You pick Wade in Game 5. Pacers win Game 5. You pick LeBron in Game 6. Heat win Game 6. You pick your last remaining good Pacer in Game 7. Heat win Game 7. Who is left to pick in the Finals? Scared already? Confused?

What you need to do is calm dawn, hold your bearing, breath slowly and deeply (breath in 1 2 3 4 5, breath out 1 2 3 4 5), and relax.

Now answer this: who will win a best-of-three series, Heat or Pacers? Don't listen to me or the experts or your peers. Just own the answer, it's yours and nobody else's. And let that answer simply dictate your pick in Game 5.

If you pick the Pacers to win, you have at least two dates to pick LeBron and Wade. Pick one of them now. Bosh limped in the third quarter of Game 4 and if he is hurt, expect Bosh to draw Hibbert away from the paint. Thus, a clearer way for LeBron and Wade. Save your best remaining Pacers for the Finals.

If you pick the Heat to win, I am assuming you have one good Pacer left. Save him for a Game 6 elimination playing at home, and pick your next best Pacer available for now.

Now, don't read further.

</end of post>

I pick the Heat to win the series.
My pick in 1-N-Done: Mario Chalmers.
My pick in DTTF: Dwyane Wade.
I told you not to read further =P


  1. Nice post Taong.

    I'm sticking with the Pacers for this series. This was really the statement game for both teams. For the Heat this was the game to prove their blowout wasn't a fluke and they can be that good on a consistent basis.

    For the Pacers this was the game to prove they have heart, and aren't going to let an embarrassing loss carry over. The Pacers leave Hibbert on the floor in the last play of game 1 and they are up 3-1.

    Most people when they choose the Heat say it's because they don't see anyone beating them 4 times. But Indy just showed they are capable of beating them 3 times in 4 games.

    It might be wishful thinking, but Wade doesn't look the same, and LeBron looked rather mortal tonight after being forced to defend West and if that ankle is a big deal for Bosh Miami isn't so impressive anymore.

    Betting on Pacers in 7

    Torn between Wade and Bosh... I know Bosh is injured but it didn't seem serious and after the letdown game he is do to break out and step up at home so I think I go Bosh, just in case Miami pulls off the win which would leave me LeBron, Wade, Duncan, Parker and Ginobli for the finals.

    I'm at 1684 and 96.8% right now but with only a handful of games I've got nearly 300 points to make up. Betting Pacers will either help me close that gap or doom me in the next round :)

    1. Thans Seda.

      Bosh and Wade's PRA are almost interchangeable. Either will do. Just look out for updates on Bosh's injury.

  2. First I make my pick, then I go here and see that you chose the same player? Happens a lot lately.

    After getting a good Hibbert (3rd great game in a row, I notice a pattern) I only have Hill left (after I thought I picked him in game 3, of course). Then? The bench boys who do not really contribute PRA-wise.

    Miami I am left with everybody except for Ray Allen who didn´t give me much of anything. So, with a tied series going at least two more games I will pick a Heat player in the pivotal game 5 at home. Time to pick one of the better ones (I have every Spur except for Manu) so I can afford to miss out on either Wade or Bosh.

    I decided to go with Wade because he is due a good game if the Heat are to advance to Finals again. After my pick I read that Bosh injured himself in game 4, but I picked Wade because I expected him to be better PRA-wise than Bosh in game 5.

    Still think that Miami is going to win this series, although I would love to see the Pacers go to the Finals, even though I would have only one pickable Indiana player left.

    I just don´t know what is going to happen if the Pacers win game 5. James will do what he did to Boston in last year´s playoffs again and there would be seven games in this series, I think. We will see.

    No game tonight, so I can relax and enjoy what passes for spring here in Germany. Stupid cold rain at the end of May.

    1. I picked Wade coz my next available Pacer beside West, is DJ Augustin. I'm borrowing him from the Finals, coz I got plenty of bench (Spurs and Heat) whose PRA is better than DJ's. So in essence I am just taking Wade's PRA in advance in DTTF. I can take LeBron actually, but i'd look stupid hehe.

  3. nice little mind games you're playing there! found myself thinking the exact same way this morning after watching the game.

    1-n-Done: Chalmers
    D2TF: Bosh or Wade. Don't know yet, will decide tomorrow. But Bosh's injury doesn't seem serious and Wade has been playing hurt all series long, so I don't see that having any kind of impact on both of these guys.

    Still have plenty of Spurs left for the finals, so I think I can afford to pick one of the big three in the drive!

    1. I just wish Heat win Game 5, so that the Game 6 pick will be an easier thought process

  4. Chalmers or Ray Allen are both good picks IMO. But Chalmers had been on a tear lately and I think he will continue it. So lets go Mario. I think I'll leave Allen for game 6

    1. Good luck with Mario for both of us.

  5. In 1-n-done, my best Pacer is D. J. Augustin and I still have all the relevant players on the Heat except Andersen. My pick goes to Chalmers for game 5, Allen for game 6, and Haslem for game 7 if necessary.

    Question #1: Have you been thinking of who you'd have for the finals if the Pacers won the series?(this is my biggest headache)
    Question #2: What are your predictions for the finals?(just curious)

    1. Answer #1. David West only in Finals if Pacers win Games 5 & 6. None if Pacers win Game 7. And the Spurs minus Ginobili. Acceptance is part of the risk. You gamble and live with it. If you lose, treat yourself to a big burger.

      Answer #2. Miami beats Pacers in 7. Miami beats Spurs in 6.

  6. I think Miami is going to win this series, and the next 2 games.

    I'm all out of decent Pacers, so tonight i'm picking Chalmers(i still got all the better Heat players left), i'm just confident the Heat will win the series.
    Have had a decent comeback after a slow start, up to 93 percentile.

    I tried a different thing this year, secretly, just for fun. I had 2 Drive entries, the REBOUND one that i have talked before about and then the "Icel.NBAfan -" entry(Use that name to promote my all NBA youtube site), that i just recently joined with to the ----nbadrive... league.

    I'm feeling very good on that one, im at 100 percentile and before game 5 my rank is 67. My game 5 pick is Stephenson, he's my best available Pacer. For future picks, i have not picked a single Heat player, i've already picked Parker and Duncan on the Spurs. This is by far the best position i've been in my 3 years.

    I doubt i would have opened up about that entry if I had been below 99 percentile.

    1. Gratz Rebound! 93 and 100 are impressive. With a Lance pick and the Heat Big3 for Finals, that rank 67 is looking good.


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