Does History Repeat Itself?

History repeating itself is silly. It never repeats itself. Two different occurrences from two different times may look similar, but I assure you that they are different. Coincidence, that is the proper word.

Ah This Is Easy!

Losing Team: Grizzlies

Drive To The Finals...
Highest PRA available: Tony Allen

Prowl Then Pounce

Wow what a game that was! Pacers toe-to-toe with the Heat. Paul George coming up big in clutch in regulation and overtime, until LeBron James whipped...

Pacers vs Heat, Part II

Last season when these two teams met in the playoffs, the Pacers led 2-1 before eventually falling to the Heat. Just imagine if the Pacers did not let up, then maybe (just maybe) the Heat had a much harder time last year winning it all, if not lose.

Spur Of The Moment

The Spurs won Game 1 against the Grizzlies, convincingly. One might say that Zach Randolph needs to break out of his funk for the Grizzlies to put up a fight. Take note though that Tim Duncan was as unproductive in Game 1 too, and is expected to be his usual self in Game 2 and onwards.

Defense Wins Championships

They say defense wins championships, and I am not one to argue with that. With the Spurs, Grizzlies, Heat and Pacers battling it out in the Conference Finals, we are looking at four teams who live and win with their defense.