The Splash Brother

As some of us has predicted, the Heat has won Game 3. And with a gasp of relief, the Spurs has won Game 3. Up 2-1, both teams are winning as expected.

Rolling My Dice...

Have you seen this cover photo of NBA on ESPN in Facebook? "A Champion Will Rise." What do you think? Do the Spurs deserve to be left out of this picture? :)

Another Series Tied, Time To Pray

As if two series ties were not enough, fate wanted to make fun of us and decided to give us more to think about. The Heat victory was mostly expected (even without the havoc that happened with the Bulls), but here again are Warriors managing to steal a game in San Antonio. While most of us can still bet that the Heat can most probably win their series, the same cannot be said about the Warriors or the Spurs.

Series Tied, Time To Gamble

As expected, Knicks bounced back. And trashed the Pacers in doing so.
As others expected, Grizzlies continued to handle the Thunder and got a win to show for it.
Both series are tied 1-1. Now what?

Gotta Love 'Em Overtime Games

Stephen Curry. 44 points. 11 assists. 59 PRA. And a loss! What more can a fantasy gamer hope for? And that is brought to you, ladies and gentlemen, by the beauty of two overtime periods. Thank you very much!

And Pacers Ruined It

Our fantasy game, that is. I know that the Pacers' defense is good enough to win some games, but I did not think it will be Game 1. Should we start picking Knicks?

Round 2: Pick Plan

Here are my predictions for the Conference Semifinals:
Thunder in 7. Knicks in 5. San Antonio in 5. Miami in 5.
I will be explaining the reason for these in future blogs. So for now, feel free to post away in the comments.