Round Two... Fight!

Welcome to Round Two of the NBA Playoffs! As we ponder how we should approach these next set of matches, it is vital to know (or be reminded of) these differences from Round One...

Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak

Wow this Nets-Bulls series... a real roller coaster. First with the Bulls' injuries, you root for the Nets. Then Bulls keep winning, you jumped ship to Bulls. Then more illness come to the Bulls, and the Nets win Game 6... you know the drill.

Quick! Where Is The Dice?

Four teams. All down 2-3. I wish this is as simple as picking CP3 or rolling a dice. But it is not. It is a bit more complicated than that. You see, there are a handful of players you have to pick from... in just two dates!

Who Holds The Reins Of The Horse?

The Nets and the Nuggets are both down 2-3 and are facing elimination playing Game 6 on the road. None, one  or both will be eliminated on Thursday. Ask yourself -- Which of them will lose? And which of them will extend their series to a Game 7?

Bleed Green

As expected, the Celtics won a game at home. They are now going back to the mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks are favoured to finish them off as J.R. Smith comes back to the fold.

Warriors Ground

Who would have thought that after losing Game 1 and losing David Lee to injury, that the Warriors will bounce back and win three (3!) games in a row? Well, just the Warriors and the whole Golden State, Mr. Blogger!


Do-or-die games are supposed to be the easiest to pick from, right? Best remaining player on the team at the brink of going home.