Salvaging Your Game

So you are a new player, picked Melo in Day One and LeBron in Day Two, high-fived yourself as you see your name on page one of the leaderboards. You feel so good about yourself.

Then you read the forums (or this blog) and realized (oh frak!) you can only use these guys once, and you are playing this game the wrong way!

Well, don't pack your bags just yet, because you can still save your game and enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

It's easy... just play it the right way from here on :) Do not worry about your ranking. Take care of your game early, and the game will take care of you later. Even the veterans of this game will falter, and that is when you pounce on them ;) Feel free to leave a question in the comments. I and the other readers will try our best to clarify things for you.

Day Six...

The Nets and Bulls are tied at 1-1. Whoever it is that you are thinking of picking from that series, forget about it. That series has now become less predictable that you better stand pat and wait for the result of Game 3.

The Heat will continue their dominance of the Bucks. The clamping of Ellis and Jennings in Game 2 sure put doubts in our minds about picking any of these two guards in Game 3. Ilyasova was fine in Game 2 but his Game 1 was awful. I am sorry, but I cannot safely recommend any Buck for Game 3.

The Clippers are up 2-0 against the Grizzlies. And I don't think the Grizzlies can win 4 of the next 5 games. Zach Randolph is now playing at home, maybe you can start picking him after he stunk the first two road games -- I am unsure. Mike Conley was awesome in a losing effort in Game 1 and average in Game 2. I would not contest if you pick him in Game 3, yeah you may. For me, my pick goes to Marc Gasol.

His minutes are up in the playoffs and is consistent around 25 PRA. Not particularly that great, but this early in the game, I want to rely on consistency than gambling with the other alternatives on this date. His rebounding has not caught up yet with his regular season average, but if it does, maybe I'll get close to 30 from him. Wish me well.


  1. 4 days down and everything went wrong for my DTTF-campaign. I could stop playing now or start picking Kobe and David Lee...

    I had to chose between Curry and Lee on day 1 and picked Curry (32 PRA). Lee got 26 and hurt himself out of the playoffs. Curry goes off for 48 PRA in his next game, Warriors win, if they win this series I´m more or less screwed.

    Meanwhile, who did I pick for day 4? Monta Ellis. Brandon Jennings would have been just as bad, as both posted an exorbitant 16. Now if I were an NBA expert and be allowed to pick after the game I would have taken Curry, too. As did 3 of the 4 experts whose picks you never see until after the fact. Sigh.

    The original plan for day 6 was another Buck, but I sure won´t trust Jennings or any other guy from Milwaukee, thereby practically guaranteeing a good night by Jennings and/or Monta Ellis. I´ll leave the Bulls - Nets series alone and pick a Grizzlie. Again. This time I chose to doom Marc Gasol´s game. Sorry, Taong.

    1. Hehe I guess I need to change my pick :P

      Also, Gasol was named DefensivePOY; players and teams somehow tend to mess their game coming off an awarding ceremony. Problem is, who? Ugh

    2. Harden went off tonight. If only he had hit one or two more threes it would of been perfect. I haven't picked a grizzly yet and I think clippers will win in 5 so that leaves me with z-bo, Conley, and Gasol. I have a feeling clippers will adjust to stop Conley and Z-bo hasn't been in it. Gasol will be number one option down 0-2 at home.

    3. Got some extra pts off Harden, that was fortunate.
      Yep Luminosity, Gasol is the only one consistent enough to know what you'll get.


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