Who Holds The Reins Of The Horse?

The Nets and the Nuggets are both down 2-3 and are facing elimination playing Game 6 on the road. None, one  or both will be eliminated on Thursday. Ask yourself -- Which of them will lose? And which of them will extend their series to a Game 7?

If you think the Nets will win, then pick a Nugget. At least 63% of us already picked Ty Lawson (if not, please slam that pick-me button), and the second-best recently is Andre Iguodala. In Game 5, Andre posted a PRA of 44 (25+12+7) and I think I know why. He said before the playoffs that he is opting out of his contract and he said, "I feel like if I win, I won’t have to worry about having to prove my worth." He has always looked to win, but that last elimination game triggered him to do much more because it may be his last chance to win. A PRA of 30 is the minimum for him on Game 6.

If you think the Nuggets will win, then pick a Net. Most of you saved Brook Lopez for this game, and rightfully so. Deron was the prime pick pre-game, but it was evident that Brook is the horse that is dominating the paint. That sore foot does not seem to be bothering him. He should be able to continue to rack up PRA in Game 6.
If you think both teams will lose, then pick the best remaining in both teams. In order: Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala.

I reckon both teams will lose. I pick Deron Williams. I will have to miss out on Andre, the free agent.


  1. I'd like to bet o Noah... but with his injury alert and Nets near to say good-bye, I'm with you, Taong: Williams is the man. (I already said I don't think Iguodala will have another game like the last one...)

  2. I already picked Lawson, AI will not be that good on the road in game 5, I haven´t picked any Net yet, so it has to be either or. I will go with Lopez because I am a nice guy and don´t want to jinx your Williams pick :)

    Also because I hope Brook will be better than Deron, but we all know how my hopes pan out this year.

    1. To me there's no question, Brook has proven the better.


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