Welcome to the Drive to the Finals 2013 Blog!

Hey, welcome back to our Drive To The Finals blog!

Everyday these coming 2013 Playoffs, I will provide you with potential picks of the day, and hopefully you will post your picks in the comments as well (and why). I will be comparing our picks with the Inside The NBA hosts (Ernie, Charles, Kenny and Shaq) and see how we fare against them.

The fantasy game page is already open! You can register now to play the game and join our league at
If that link does not work, you can search for it there with the search word "nbadrive".

I am also trying out ESPN's 1-N-Done. I created a league for us at

I hope your team is in the playoffs! Let's go!


  1. Hi Taong!!! Here I am, ready to play... and win!!

  2. Sigh. No Dirk. Not even Kobe. Why should I even care for the Playoffs?
    Easy, because there is this extremely frustrating (and therefore entertaining) game DTTF.
    I doubt I can be as successfull as last year, but I will try. For now I´m rooting for a Spurs - Knicks matchup in June :)

    1. Welcome back Alex!

      I don't know about the Spurs. Too much injury. I like their chances when in full health. That Stephen Jackson thing was another downer.

      Rooting for Knicks-Thunder.
      Betting on Heat-Thunder.


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