Top 5 Injuries

Here are the top five injuries that spell doom for their respective teams this Round 1:

1. Derrick Rose. Almost a year ago of that tragic injury. Answer to Deron. We'd sure pick Bulls over Nets if D-Rose is here.

2. Kobe Bryant. Might have been #1 in this list because of the hype. Lakers will still lose to the Spurs, but in a long series.

3. Rajon Rondo. Motor of the Celtics. He'd tear up the Knicks as no one there can guard him. Knicks still win though.

4. Joakim Noah. Another injured Bull, playing limited minutes. If he's in full strength as some of us thought, Bulls in 6.

5. David Lee. Injured hip pushed him out of playoffs. Stephen can't sustain a big outing in 4 games. Better luck next year.

As you all know, I was forced to change picks due to technical difficulties in Day One. So I am setting my pick for Day Four to Stephen Curry for the same reason as before (prone to injury) and Lee's absence.

Other alternatives are: Monta Ellis (if you have not picked him yet); Brandon Jennings (was super in that last game); and Aussie Andrew Bogut (will get some of David Lee's rebounds). Don't pick any Celtics -- no big PRAs there.. yet.


  1. Replies
    1. Not a bad pick at all, especially if Curry n Ellis unavailable.

  2. What about saving Curry for a home game and go with KG, Chandler (no Fareid) or Landry?

    1. That works too, Ivo.
      KG is a safe bet (though not great).
      Chandler is ok but there are other better picks.
      Landry actually I thought of him coz he starts. But production is uncertain. Need to see him first in one game before deciding for the next.

  3. Great night to have Curry. I think he'll be a great pick any game going forward. I went with him as well since with Lee down and this being a crucial game he would shoot the lights out. I might regret it if the Warriors advance. Not many guys can get you 50 on any night and Curry is one.

    Nearly went with Jennings. Lucked out on that one.

    1. Good news bad news.
      Curry 48 PRA. Warriors win.

      Staying out of that series for a while.


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