Quick Peek!

WEST: Thunder (1) vs Rockets (8) 
Ah the James Harden story! Oh the prodigal son knows his former family very well. And vice versa. Fun to watch! Thunder in 5.
Early Pick: James Harden, PRA: 26/5/6

WEST: Spurs (2) vs Lakers (7) 
Ah the handicap match. Where both are. The Lakers are lucky to draw the Spurs instead of the Thunder, but without Kobe.. Spurs in 6.
Early Pick: Dwight Howard, PRA: 17/12/1

WEST: Nuggets (3) vs Warriors (6) 
No matter how much Coach Mark preaches defense, this match is a run-and-gun series. Enjoy the high scoring bout. Nuggets in 5.
Early Pick: Stephen Curry, PRA: 23/4/7

WEST: Clippers (4) vs Grizzlies (5) 
Paul and the Clippers in win-now mode. Grizzlies, not -- maybe in the next 3 years under Robert Pera's molding. Clippers in 6.
Early Pick: Zach Randolph, PRA: 15/11/1

EAST: Pacers (3) vs Hawks (6) 
Defense wins in the playoffs and the Pacers breathe defense. The J-Smoove situation is on the rocks; new team next year. Pacers in 6.
Early Pick: Josh Smith, PRA: 18/8/4

EAST: Nets (4) vs Bulls (5) 
Will probably be the hardest fantasy game bet this 1st round. D-Will unlucky to draw the Bulls' defense. Bulls in 6.
Early Pick: NONE. Be extra careful in picking from this series.

Tell me I'm a fool ;)


  1. You are a fool.

    But you also didn´t give me any insight who to pick so I had to scramble all on my own.
    For day 1 I won´t pick from the two series that play on day 3 and I won´t go near Knicks - Celtics for the time being. That leaves Denver - Golden State. As I think Denver will advance it has to be a warrior. Start at the top.
    For day 2 I won´t touch Spurs/Lakers, I will save players from Houston or the Bucks for home games, that leaves Pacers/Hawks. So it has to be Hawk.
    Well, that was easy.

    1. Hehe! Okay, first pick post coming up..


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