Bleed Green

As expected, the Celtics won a game at home. They are now going back to the mecca of basketball, Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks are favoured to finish them off as J.R. Smith comes back to the fold.

Circumstances with other games have rerouted me from picking a Celtic. Now, there's no other. It is time...

1. Paul Pierce. This franchise player (though often offered in trades) have to again pour out his all like he did in Game 4. Common sense tells me he should get the pick, but I'm not going to. Because it is the Madison Square Garden. Yes, I am not making any sense, but feel free to speculate.

2. Jeff Green. His Game 2 dud may be an aberration, but I am not sure if he can sustain his 30+ PRAs. It's a gamble.

3. Kevin Garnett. Again and again I've mentioned that he is on the up trend. In stock trading, this is where I sell if I think he is peaking or has already peaked. If he doesn't continue to go up, it is quite improbable to see his PRA plummet too far. KG gets my pick.

The Pacers-Hawks are tied and each has won their home games, but we are not sure if that trend continues. Better leave this series alone for now.

If you still have James Harden available, I am not sure why. UPDATE: Beware Harden left shootaround with flu. Maybe, just maybe, Parsons gets to absorb off some of his PRA.


  1. This.

    What is it this year with me and the NBA? It should have been a sign that Dirk missed the playoffs for the first time in more than 160 years.

    How lucky we all have been that Kobe-less Lakers squeezed in the postseason then completely fell apart to make for a compelling series.

    But this?

    There were two elimination games for teams I didn´t pick any player yet. So I had to choose between Williams or Lopez from the Nets and Harden or anybody else from the Rockets, both teams playing at home.

    Harden started with 28 PRA, followed by 53 (on the road!) and 44, so nobody in their right mind would leave him on the table. Thankful for a nobrainer I picked Harden and was happy for not having to choose between Williams (ultimately gaining 36 PRA) and Lopez (even better at 40).

    And then?

    19? 19? 19? Are you sh****ng me?

    Just for fun, what did the other Rockets starters accomplish? Parsons 45 PRA, Asik 32, Beverly 23, Garcia 12. Woohoo, I didn´t pick Garcia. Delfino had a 20 from the bench and was better than the beard. This is beyond ridiculous.

    Seeing as my luck runs this postseason there is not a snowballs chance in hell that either the Clippers, the Nuggets or the Pacers can advance to the next round, as I have picked already two of their opponents players that I would miss in the second round (I only picked Curry from the Warriors, but Lee is out so I´m still missing the best two Golden Staters).

    I can still do a funny twist and start picking Nets in game 6 just to make the team the 9th in NBA history to pull an upset after being down 1-3. I haven´t picked a Bull yet.

    As for tonight, I have Ty Lawson ready, as do more than 60% of the players, obviously even those who don´t care about the game longtime and just go for the weekly prices by picking all the studs in the first two weeks. What does that tell you?

    Tomorrow? I won´t touch Pacers - Hawks, no sense in picking any Rocket in Oklahoma City, so it has to be a Celtic in MSG. Probably Garnett. Solid so far. And the only guy who really delivered for me in this postseason was Paul Pierce, so maybe that´s a good omen.

    Or a good opportunity for Terry and Green to shine and Garnett to be a monster on defense without much offensive output. Whatever.

    1. Not to mention that the Rockets won while Harden gave 10 TOs. Strange things are upon us.

      GL on our Garnett pick!

  2. Having picked Harden (HOU), Smith (ATL) and Pierce (BOS); today it's time for Parsons (HOU), Hordford (ATL) or Garnett (BOS). I save the only consistent pick on Indiana (Paul George) for an elimination game.
    As I decided not to pick another Rocket and thinking Garnett will score a high PRA playing home... there's no option... Hordford...

    1. quark, I recommend waiting to pick from Hawks-Pacers coz they're 2-2.
      pick Garnett or Parsons they're down X-3.

  3. Would you rather pick Garnett or Jeff Green? I have yet to use either. Debating between the two.

    1. Garnett if you want to be safe.
      Green if you want to gamble.

      If still unsure, go Garnett.


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