Hold Your Horses

Ok boys and girls, our new drivers, another lesson..

First, what NOT to do...
Pick Durant or LeBron?!?!?
No, no, no! :(

You see, we should play with the end in mind, and that is -- we need to have someone great to pick during the Finals (and Conference Finals). So we need to stop ourselves short from drooling over that 40 PRA now, because we can drool over that 40 PRA later on in the game. That's about 20% of the game who picked these two; and that they will be regretting that later on and getting stuck on having to pick Perkins and Chalmers.

Now, this is an example of what to DO...
Yes, yes, yes! :)

I think most will agree that the Bucks among all teams in the playoffs are the least likely to advance. Here is my pick..

I know Ellis will light it out in his first game in the playoffs.

The only other good alternative is James Harden. And I am betting he will get the better PRA than Monta (note that he will most probably get the better PRA throughout the first round anyway).

UPDATE: Somebody in the ESPN forums brought Dwight Howard up. I think you can pick him up if you are sure-ball about the Spurs advancing. Or you can wait until Game 2 before picking him up like  I do.


  1. I'm with you, Taong. Ellis is my pick.

    1. Ellis was good, could have been more if it wasnt a blowout. Jennings on Game 2 perhaps

  2. Went Carlos Boozer in game 1 and lucked out as I think it's the best game you can expect from him and he was the second overall that day.

    Curious how you handle stars in later rounds playing game 7's. For example if SA plays OKC in a game 7, do you risk losing Durant's numbers hoping OKC wins, or do you play it safe and take him just in case?

    1. Hi Seda, gratz on the Game1 Boozer. That was bingo.

      As for Durant in a Game7, it all depends on you.
      If you are playing to win the prize, don't pick Durant believing they will advance, coz the alternative will just mean losing the prize anyway. That's what I notice with yearly fantasy champs.
      If you are playing just for fun, pick Durant coz getting that 40 means you're just enjoying that 40PRA now instead of later (or never).

      I'd almost always pick Durant in that scenario. Good for 90 percentile if you always play safe in this game, but won't get you over 95 percentile.

      Remember, cruisers go with the flow; battleships risk the storm ;)


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