How About Them Bulls?

The Bulls have not gotten Derrick Rose the whole season, so what they did is just remain one of the best defensive teams in the league. Some of us favoured them to win the series. And then Joakim Noah had a foot problem that limited his minutes. Bulls lost Game 1 and some of us started jumping on the Nets bandwagon. How many of us picked Boozer in Game 2 and 3? Lots. Then Bulls started winning.. Game 2.. Game 3! Should we jump back to the Bulls bandwagon?

Welcome to Dallas

The Lakers bosses insist that Dwight Howard is their future star, the one who will hold the reins long after Kobe Bryant has thrown in the towel. Dwight would love that. But first he has to prove that he can carry a team, and fate gave him that chance when Kobe got injured and missed the playoffs. What better way to put that stamp by playing his hearts out in front of Lakers fans, Kupchak and the Buss family.

Salvaging Your Game

So you are a new player, picked Melo in Day One and LeBron in Day Two, high-fived yourself as you see your name on page one of the leaderboards. You feel so good about yourself.

Home & Away

The previous three years, I relied heavily on players' statistics on home games versus ones on the road. I cannot say there was any distinct success or failure there, but I can say there was no true pattern.

Top 5 Injuries

Here are the top five injuries that spell doom for their respective teams this Round 1:

1. Derrick Rose. Almost a year ago of that tragic injury. Answer to Deron. We'd sure pick Bulls over Nets if D-Rose is here.

Home Court Advantage

Day One of the 2013 Playoffs went by and we saw each of the four home teams win their respective games. Winning Game 1 makes a big difference, as history tells us that only about one in every four Game 1 losers went on to rally and win the series.