Hold Your Horses

Ok boys and girls, our new drivers, another lesson..

First, what NOT to do...

First Pick

Good day to you! ;)

We have so many new drivers in this fantasy game that I feel I need to explain a few strategies to make your fantasy game work and be enjoyable for you from now until the Finals.

First off, log in to nba.com/drive and you will see something like this...

.. then click on SELECT. Then on the next page, sort by AVG POINTS.

This will allow the game to lay out the best possible picks for you upfront...

Now pick one that you think will have a big game then click on SELECT PLAYER. Here's my pick...

Stephen Curry. Well why not? Record 3-pointers in a season. Player of the month. 29 points and 7 assists in his last game at Denver. You can't go wrong with him. Another thing -- he is too fragile in that he has been plagued by injuries in his career and can run a risk of being injured. Get him now while healthy.

Other alternatives:
  • David Lee. If you believe Curry can be fresh until the end of this series, pick Lee. He'll give you almost the same PRA.
  • Paul Pierce. He was my 1st choice but turned back when I saw that his Game 1s in recent playoffs have been dodgy. He needs to get it going before going big through the series.
  • Zach Randolph. It may be too early to pick a Grizzly as that series can go the other way. If you think they'll lose to Clippers, yeah you may pick him.
As for Carmelo Anthony, don't pick him yet. I'll explain in my next post. For now just trust me -- don't pick a Knick yet.

So, who did you pick?

UPDATE: I got some boo-boo. I had to delete my pick and get some info on alternatives, but forgot to set it again. When I came back and realise, only the Grizzlies and Nets series are available for picking. I picked Zach Randolph. Crossfingers!

Quick Peek!

WEST: Thunder (1) vs Rockets (8) 
Ah the James Harden story! Oh the prodigal son knows his former family very well. And vice versa. Fun to watch! Thunder in 5.
Early Pick: James Harden, PRA: 26/5/6

WEST: Spurs (2) vs Lakers (7) 
Ah the handicap match. Where both are. The Lakers are lucky to draw the Spurs instead of the Thunder, but without Kobe.. Spurs in 6.
Early Pick: Dwight Howard, PRA: 17/12/1

WEST: Nuggets (3) vs Warriors (6) 
No matter how much Coach Mark preaches defense, this match is a run-and-gun series. Enjoy the high scoring bout. Nuggets in 5.
Early Pick: Stephen Curry, PRA: 23/4/7

WEST: Clippers (4) vs Grizzlies (5) 
Paul and the Clippers in win-now mode. Grizzlies, not -- maybe in the next 3 years under Robert Pera's molding. Clippers in 6.
Early Pick: Zach Randolph, PRA: 15/11/1

EAST: Pacers (3) vs Hawks (6) 
Defense wins in the playoffs and the Pacers breathe defense. The J-Smoove situation is on the rocks; new team next year. Pacers in 6.
Early Pick: Josh Smith, PRA: 18/8/4

EAST: Nets (4) vs Bulls (5) 
Will probably be the hardest fantasy game bet this 1st round. D-Will unlucky to draw the Bulls' defense. Bulls in 6.
Early Pick: NONE. Be extra careful in picking from this series.

Tell me I'm a fool ;)


EAST: Heat (1) vs Bucks (8)

Talk about domination. Sorry Milwaukee fans, but it would take extreme bad luck (e.g. injuries) for the Heat to lose this series. LeBron is now free of burden and is playing his best ball in a Heat jersey. He dominates the MVP race. Wade is playing like 2006 and is rid of the body pains from last season. The Heat have this. The only question is how many games the Bucks can sneak in. Heat in 4.

Early DTTF Pick: Monta Ellis, PRA: 19/4/6

EAST: Knicks (2) vs Celtics (7)

Now this is a battle. Knicks are playing their best basketball and are peaking at the right moment. Melo will win the scoring title, but his game now is much more than points. They look like real contenders. Meanwhile, the Celtics while deemed underdogs should not be underestimated. I will never count Pierce and Garnett out that easily. If they put their hearts out on D (as what their culture should be built on) I can see them stealing this one on an upset. I love The Jet, but this year's playoffs I am rooting for the Knicks. Knicks in 6.

Early DTTF Pick:Paul Pierce, PRA: 19/6/5