That's A Wrap!

Points: 1,101
Rank: 2,925
Percentile: 87%

Not bad, but it can be better. This year's DTTF for me is full of disappointing production from my picked players. The expert can say the same way for himself, bowing out of the competition with 80% last June 3. The TNT guys bowed out in May 23 with Ernie Johnson edging out Charles Barkley, and leaving behind Kenny Smith and Chris Webber.

Meanwhile, dorancy2000 skipped past Shanks014 in the last day to win $25,000 towards a purchase of a new car on Congratulations dorancy2000 for winning by 1 point!

I would have to give credit to the Heat. They defied odds (and hate) and got into the Finals, and made it extremely hard for the Mavericks. With LeBron, Wade and Bosh on board for the next few years, I'm sure they'll bag a trophy or two.

And of course my Mavericks. Oh yeah! I was just lucky to have followed the Mavs throughout the years since Cuban, Dirk, Nash and Nelson guided this club. Like Dirk and Terry, the last five years have been hurtful for me; we're now truly healed. I was trying very hard not to jinx them in my blogs. Believe me, I passed up on several side stories in this Finals series. Way to go Dirk! That's a lot of demons you guys purged for us Mavs fans. Thank you!

As for this blog, 8,593 pageviews isn't a lot, but I'm happy with it. This is goodbye to all our readers spread all over the globe: United States, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Germany (who btw sprung up in the Finals), Spain, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and some more countries that Blogspot cannot display for me.

See you guys and gals again next year. Ciao!