The Master Picks

The potential 40+ PRA picks are almost spent. That's Dirk, LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh. Despite the hate, several drivers were able to hold on to at least two of the Big Three, long enough for them to be available in the Finals. The way the 3 previous series went helped with the pick decisions. With the best player at home strategy in the Finals, the Big Three has been popular picks in Game 1 and 2 in Miami. In the next 3 games (and 2 possible ones), based on the DTTF site, the top 5 popular picks doesn't involve any of them. LeBron has 19% drivers left to pick him, D-Wade has 10%, and Bosh 14%. These drivers like me (I have LeBron left) are holding on to the last pie for that elims game. Or until we can no longer hold it in ;)

Dirk has 30% drivers left to pick him, and he is the hot pick for Game 3 with 21%. Dirk has been great in the 4th quarter of Game 2, and that was an indication that his mallet finger was not as big as issue like what we thought it would be. 2 of his last 3 shots were made with his left injured finger. Not to mention the final dribble with his left hand. (BTW, I did not see him celebrating that finger roll.)

Hot Pick
Dirk Nowitzki

Pick Dirk quick.


  1. I used Dirk a long time ago. It's deep roster digging time for me.

  2. Don't forget, Haywood has a hip injury. Chandler is also a good pick if Haywood is not able to play. It's either Chandler or Dirk for me.

  3. I got Dirk for tomorrow, he's a pretty safe pick.

  4. yep saving the chandler article for later ;) also waiting for haywood's injury update closer to the game. coz they say it's not major. note that he went back to the bench in the 4th; just didn't see further minutes because of the mavs' run.

    dirk is the safer pick for you Grazer. if you worry about haywood's injury, dirk will also benefit. carlisle will prefer small ball with dirk at center instead of subbing backup center ian.

    Vapor, go chandler. If you don't have him, peja maybe. i never saw peja have 3 straight bad games yet.

  5. @Rebound, yes dirk is the safe pick. can't go wrong with him

  6. tao- Yeah, I was just giving Peja some thought. Chandler was solid for me a few weeks ago.

  7. peja playing well will be a bonus for the mavs. 1 three 1 two is the normal. 10+ pra average. can go 20 pts if hot.


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