Who's Hot, Who's Not

  • Nowitzki -- only bright spot in the Mavs' offense
  • Marion -- making most of his time on the court, both ends
  • Wade -- playing like it's 2006
  • Terry -- not so Mr. Fourth Quarter, yet
  • Barea -- still missing in action
  • Bosh -- 31% shooting
  • LeBron -- 24, then 20, then 17 points
17 points may be a lot for the an average NBA player in the Finals, but you see LeBron is supposed to be scoring around 30. Critics are asking LeBron about his dip in stats these series. Marion has been doing a good job on keeping him in check. But another thing he's doing is deferring to Wade, maybe as an answer to previous criticism that he's holding the ball too much in the previous series. Have you seen him in Game 3 late in the game being passed the ball only to give it back to Wade quickly?

Then why am I picking a player who's not hot?

Week 8, June 7:
LeBron James

Because I believe LeBron is a person who likes shutting off his critics. And throughout these playoffs, he has come back from relatively low-scoring games to score the next game like he's battling the Cavs.


  1. BAD PICK!!!! tandandandannnnnnn

    went with Dirk today. However, mulling the order of my next 2 picks between chalmers and barea since I have used all good players on both squads

  2. tao- Yeah, but LBJ still did Ok for you. I'm seriously considering Stevenson for GM5

  3. I should have seen it. 17 points was not his lowest. it's 8 points. Booo! Should have known better than to let LBJ carry me. I'm a Mavs fan for Pete's sake :P

  4. I'll roll with Stevenson and hope his shots match his mouth. He fired up the Wiz/Cavs series a few years ago.
    tao- Even a Mavs fan had use to LBJ before the Finals were over. :wink:

  5. yeah but it seems like he stunk me up on purpose hehe. D-Steve is a good filler pick btw, gl

  6. tao- Barea,who I will use in GM6, extended your lead. Love seeing the Heat lose.

  7. just got barea on the right time. catch barea while he's in the upswing.


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