Looking at the DTTF leaderboard, it's a tight race between these drivers..

1 Shanks014 S. Marion (20) 1,251
2 rltwin25 T. Chandler (30) 1,248
3 dorancy2000 T. Chandler (30) 1,243
4 gabri96 T. Chandler (30) 1,240
5 jcrt12 T. Chandler (30) 1,237
6 kwdunk T. Chandler (30) 1,231

Before Game 4, Shanks014 was leading by double-digits, and had Chandler and Marion available. You can see that Chandler was the best pick of Game 4 relative to his average PRA. That 30-PRA catapulted those five people into the top seats, just a little short of Shanks014's . If Shanks014 have chosen Chandler, then he would be keeping his double-digit lead. Since that was not the case, then we're expecting a neck-to-neck race up to the home stretch.

I only looked at the Top 3's picks, and it seems that Shanks014 still has the upper hand with Chandler available for the picking, while rltwin25 and dorancy2000 already picked him, Marion, Terry, Kidd, Dirk and the Big 3. Chandler can get about 20 PRA for Game 5 and I believe Shanks014 will be going with him. If anyone from the rest of that pack has Dirk, Lebron or Dwyane, then they can catch up and steal that car.

The rest of the fillers are inconsistent, and one cannot know what PRA one will get. I think this will now go down to luck. Unless one of these people is actually Marty McFly ;)

Good luck to you top drivers. May you pick the right players at the right time.