The Matrix

Game 4's hot pick is Shawn Marion, with 3000+ drivers selecting him.

He didn't earn the nickname Matrix for nothing. Remember how Keanu Reeves was able to do everything in that movie series? That's Marion per se. Scoring, rebounding, defense. Name it, he's all over.

The Mavs use him to guard the opposing team's best player -- from the Kobes to the Kevins of this league. In this Finals series, he is guarding LeBron a.k.a Mr. Smith. His minutes parallel that of the opposing player, so in these Finals his minutes are up in the 40s per game because LeBron plays those many minutes (tops among the Heat).

So far he has done a decent job containing Lebron and is continuing to do better at it. LeBron's points have dwindled from 24, then 20, to 17. LeBron can only be stopped in a half-court setup, where Marion has minimized those penetrations.

I've already used Marion, but for those of you who still has him, go ahead and pick him. You're assured at least that he will get the most minutes.


  1. Marion has been steady for the past two weeks. I'm guessing Chalmers in GM4 as the talent pool wanes.

  2. tao- I can't wait that long to use Chalmers. Berea could be an option. Hope their is a GM6 :wink:

  3. yep you use chalmers now, i got other players to pick for this game.

  4. tao- LBJ did ok for you thanks to assists & reb.

  5. nah, lbj lost me this dttf. a 40+ pra would have propelled me near the 90%


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