Best Mavs Center Ever!

When I first became a fan of the Mavs, it was Shawn Bradley manning the middle. Well, yeah you can count on him to rack up those blocks, but to me he was not able to capitalize on his height with his offense. We still love him though. Don Nelson likes them tall and skinny centers.

The Mavs thereafter experimented with many centers (count Dirk in too.. wait, maybe he's the best Mavs center ever hehe!), until Avery Johnson rallied to get Erick Dampier and locked-in for too many years. Damp was a big body needed in a time when Shaq was on his prime. He received the most criticism, but he was serviceable at best (although inconsistent). Now he is in the Heat's roster. Hmm.. is Spoelstra worried that putting Damp in the game will be like placing a scorpion on his own plate?

Then last season before the trade deadline, we got Brendan Haywood. A younger and better version of Dampier, he showed enough promise that he was signed to a multi-year contract last summer. Here's a center young enough to grow with the Mavs as their starter. Well, not so fast.

Then.. a few days later, Michael Jordan with his team-managing prowess (not!) traded an often-injured Tyson Chandler to Damp's big and expiring contract. Talk about a steal. Chandler, now healthy, is rejuvenated and instantly became the Mavs' anchor in defense. Dirk said Chandler is the most positive person he knows. Not only is he the most athletic center the Mavs ever had, but he is the consumate locker guy. And now in DTTF, Finals Game 3, I am picking him.

Week 8, June 5:
Tyson Chandler

Last November 27, with Dallas hosting Miami, Chandler posted 14 points and 17 rebounds! Those are the numbers I hope he will get in Game 3 (hey, wishing is free, right?). Note that Haywood is still day-to-day with his strained right hip flexor. That will surely get Chandler more minutes in Game 3 as long as he stays out of foul trouble.

Knocks on wood.


  1. Im switching to Chandler instead of Dirk for tonight, Haywood didnt look to good when he went off the court last game. It's also possible that he aggravates the injury by trying to play, i think he'll be limited.

  2. I think Carlisle will still get Haywood on the scheduled time off the bench in the 1st quarter then look at his performance. How he does dictates if he plays the rest of the game or not.

    I'm betting he won't. Carlisle will be forced to go small ball with a small Marion or Dirk at center. And put Mahinmi in when Dirk needs a breather. Mahinmi was working out extra hours yesterday.

  3. An update, Haywood is out for tonights game.

  4. Thanks for the update Grazer.
    More minutes for Chandler then.

  5. Chandler put up a very decent 16 PRA's. Well, at least he stayed out of foul trouble w/ 11 rebounds. Dirk had a big 4th quarter and finished w/ 46 PRA's. I may need to pick Dirk in game 4, since Lebron has not had at least 40+ PRA's yet.

  6. Chandler made some big plays, just not the ones that we measure in DTTF.

    Grazer, it's time to pick Dirk.


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