Home Sweet Home

No, I'm not even mentioning any of the Mavs in this blog entry. This is all about Chris Bosh.

Yes, Bosh breathes Dallas basketball. Hard to believe? He was born a Texan and was a high school basketball hero there. You can read more of it here. But more importantly he will receive some home cooking that will definitely refresh him. He likes playing in Dallas and will surely have a good game with several of his relatives in the crowd. His game logs show it. He will perform.

Season Date Pts Reb Ast PRA
2010-2011 Nov-27 22 8 2 32
2009-2010 Nov-07 26 12 1 39
2008-2009 Mar-01 28 10 2 40
2007-2008 Nov-20 31 12 1 44
2006-2007 Nov-29 18 11 2 31
2005-2006 Feb-25 29 13 2 44
2004-2005 Mar-07 13 8 1 22
2003-2004 Dec-15 14 8 3 25

For the 14% of the drivers who haven't picked him yet, this is your chance. There are 3 Dallas games available. Isn't that what the strategy in the Finals say? Best PRA available playing at "home". Pick away.

Chris Bosh


  1. tao- I heard the TV guys saying Bosh was never a Mavs fan. Maybe home cooking will help him, but I can't get a read on where this guys on/off switch is.

  2. oh he is a mavs fan but does not upfront admit it especially this series. many times in past mavs playoffs, i read reporters saying bosh is in crowd. i vividly remember one reporter blogging (twitter was still starting then) some seasons ago saying bosh was sitting in front of him and can't see much of the game but bosh's head.

    dallas fans always wanted him in mavs uniform, but the mavs didn't really want him. redundant with dirk.


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