The Injury Effect

There are two players with minor injury each that people are saying may affect their play. This is the time to look at how these will affect the PRAs of other players.

First up is Mike Miller's arm. He says it's fine but also we have read news articles where his teammates said he was playing some minutes in Game 1 with one arm. It's far from being serious as Rondo's injury, but I am sure that will affect his minutes. Coach Spoelstra will be watching him closely. This would mean more minutes for Wade and Mario Chalmers -- both of whom had a great Game 1. Feel free to pick the best among them if they are still available to you.

Next is Dirk's middle finger on his left guide hand. Unlike Miller's injury, this can have larger effect on the rest of the Mavs. I still think he will get his minutes. It is just a question on how many touches. Other Mavs would have to carry the scoring load. If you still have Kidd, pick him as he will assert himself into scoring as he did in the Portland series.

Somebody should also carry the inside scoring in lieu of Dirk's mini injury. That is why I am picking..
Week 7, June 2:
Shawn Marion

Shawn had 30 PRA in Game 1 and before that a great outing on the Thunder close-out game. Even without Dirk's injury, I have already lined him up for the picking. Moreso now that he should get more touches as the guards will spread the feed among him and Dirk. I also know that Shawn plays well in South Beach; he showed that in their lone game there in the regular season, and again in Game 1. Here's hoping he gets the same result in Game 2.

Sidenote: Why am I not excited about Ricky Rubio agreeing to play next season? I should be. That's Kevin Love and Rubio. But I'm not. I think Rubio is too hyped.


  1. Rubio is still a big unknown and should have never been drafted that high.
    Berea has become less of an option in this contest, but Bibby is back in play.
    tao- Congrats, Mavs

  2. Thanks Vapor. Still got a lot of work to do.

    Wait for Barea to have 1 good game before picking him. Maybe Dallas will bring him back.

  3. I think you have never seen any Rubio's match... Maybe this year has not been the best, but just one year ago he was great... And more 2 or 3 years ago, before playing in Barça and when he was 15 years old...

  4. that's the point Quark, the most recent stats are a better indication of who he is. his beijing stats were nice, but this year's not by a mile.

    i'm not excited for him but i am optimistic for minnesota. whether he plays good or not, minnesota will split basketball coverages with gasol's lakers in spain.

  5. Ricky played his best basketball playing in Badalona. It was not a winner team and he must give the maximum. Playing for Barça, things are different... There are a lot of good players and his rol in the team is not the same; he played less minutes, with less responsability...
    I think the best for him is going to a team like Minnesota, where he can showed again his best side... He needs the motivation that he lose going to Barça...

  6. if that's the case, then let's hope they bring minnesota into contention.


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